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Blog / Marketing tips / 30 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Store

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Blog / Marketing tips / 30 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Store

Marketing tips

30 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Store in 2022

30 Best Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Store in 2022
Sintija Zankovska

By Sintija Zankovska

17 min read

Using Shopify as a platform for your ecommerce store has a lot of benefits. One of them is an app store that offers everything under the sun. However, starting out, it can be a little daunting to wade through all of the options. We’ve gone ahead and pulled the 29 best Shopify apps we believe will help your online store grow

Best Shopify apps for marketing

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Omnisend Email Marketing: automate your email marketing efforts

Once you’ve converted your visitors into subscribers, it’s time to transform them into loyal customers. There are loads of email service providers that can help you do that. But if you’re looking for a tool that not only offers a variety of useful features but is also capable of scaling together with your business, Omnisend is for you.

What does this app do? Omnisend lets you create beautiful campaigns, build automation workflows (including several channels other than email too), target your customers with smart segmentation, and much more.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $16/month.

Omnisend Email Marketing shopify app

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty: create and manage loyalty programs 

Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than selling to an existing one. So instead of concentrating only on landing new customers, start working on customer retention.  One of the most popular ways to transform one-time shoppers into loyal customers is setting up and running your own rewards program.

What does this app do? Smile: Rewards & Loyalty gives you an opportunity to create and manage reward programs with loyalty points, customer referrals, and VIP tiers. This app integrates with the biggest ecommerce and social platforms, email, and customer relationship management (CRM) service providers.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $49/month.

Smile: Rewards and loyalty shopify app

Seguno: Email marketing: create, manage, and track your email marketing

Running a small shop or being an entrepreneur means time is your most valuable asset. Seguno was built to save you time by having your email marketing right inside of Shopify. It’s great to have one place for creating, managing, and tracking your email marketing.

What does this app do? Seguno allows you to create an email newsletter as part of a multi-channel campaign and use automated touchpoints for wholesale customers, VIPs, and others. Another feature you’d find helpful is Seguno’s detailed conversion report that shows you how many sales were generated from your emails.

Price: Free.

Seguno: email marketing shopify app

GetResponse: build and nurture relations with your customers with email automation

Want to sell more of your products and serve your customers better at the same time? Then you’ll want to check out GetResponse. Although the platform’s mainly known for its email capabilities, it also lets you promote your store via several other marketing channels.

What does this app do? With GetResponse, you can build and engage your audience throughout their entire customer journey. First, you can collect new signups with targeted popups and forms. Then you can engage them with email sequences, live chats, and webinars. And if you want to launch a quick sales promo, you can do so via email, web push notifications, and popups. The platform also comes with many pre-built templates for emails, pop-ups, and automations, meaning you can get your campaigns started in no time.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $13/month.

Facebook & Google Easy Ads: run marketing and traffic ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram

Facebook, Google, and Instagram are crucial for getting attention, making sales, and achieving success. But these platforms keep on changing so fast it’s hard to keep track of what’s the best marketing approach. One of the best ways to make sales with what you already have is to start a successful remarketing campaign.

What does this app do? Facebook & Google Easy Ads helps you run marketing and traffic ads, and automate your advertising. It’s a must-have Shopify app if you want to drive relevant traffic to your store and personalize your ads.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $29/month.

Facebook and Google Easy ads shopify

Best Shopify apps for sales and conversion

BSS Commerce: B2B/Wholesale Solution

B2B/Wholesale Solution is the best quantity breaks Shopify B2B app. The app comprehends all the necessary list features of wholesale solutions with an intuitive dashboard and is compatible with most Shopify themes.

What does this app do? B2B/Wholesale Solution offers you to set up discounted product quantities and automatically apply discount rules for your Shopify store with an additional quantity breaks feature. Moreover, the app automatically adds customer tags based on intelligent conditions, allowing you to categorize individual and wholesale customers easily. 

B2B/Wholesale Solution automatically restricts the customer’s checkout if the minimum order quantity/amount does not reach the standard. More conveniently, customers are stimulated to place orders with the Buy It Now button on the Cart page. 

Price: Free plan available. Upgraded plans from $25/month

B2B/Wholesale Solution

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell: Customize your thank you page

Converting a visitor into a customer is exciting, but it takes a lot of effort to make them return for more. By optimizing your thank you page and adding upsells or cross sell, you will re-engage customers who just completed a purchase on your store.

What does this app do? ReConvert is one of the best apps for Shopify for order confirmation page optimization. It helps you customize your thank you page with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $7.99/month.

Reconvert shopify app

YourFit: Bring the fitting room to your online customers

The drawback of shopping for apparel online is not being able to try anything on. To reassure your customers that the products they’re browsing are for them, match your customers with their perfect fit and product recommendations.

What does this solution do? YourFit is an intuitive and user-friendly apparel fit personalization platform. It brings the fitting room to the online world with a photo-realistic try-on experience and tailored size recommendations. Help your customers fall in love with your garments, boost product engagement through social sharing tools, and collect insight to tailor future product development and marketing campaigns.

Price: Free demo. Tailored pricing is available upon request

YourFit solution

Privy: build beautiful email popups

A successful conversion means that you were able to deliver the right message at the right time to the right visitor. If you want to step up your conversion rate optimization game, this app is for you.

What does this app do? Privy allows you to build beautiful popups with easy-to-use targeting and triggers that get people to join your email list. Follow your conversions and drive more sales with email newsletters, automated emails, A/B tests, and other great features in one place. And there’s another useful tool—with a simple but powerful campaign designer you can choose from hundreds of high-converting templates or fully customize the design to match your brand.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $20/month.

P.S. We have an entire blog post in which we share email sign up form hacks that can help you double your subscriber list.

Reviewbit WhatsApp Reviews: Collect & display product reviews via WhatsApp

Customers’ online reviews have inspired a new field of marketing and communication that walks a fine line between traditional word-of-mouth and a viral kind of feedback. In other words, customer reviews can influence new consumer opinions on the products and the brand itself. 

Today’s Shopify ecosystem needs a review request tool that generates customer trust and high conversion rates.

What does this app do? Reviewbit empowers Shopify merchants to communicate with customers after they buy a product via WhatsApp—the social messaging network. Using Reviewbit to send an automated review request allows businesses to collect feedback to improve business and generate customer trust. 

Price: Free. Paid plan starts at $19.99/per month


Growave ‑ Reviews, Loyalty: grow sales with loyalty and rewards

As a new brand, you constantly have to try to reach your audience, engage users, and increase conversions. It’s valuable to build an audience by creating more user-generated content, and creating loyalty programs helps you to reach that goal. 

What does this app do? Growave can help your brand go viral by encouraging users to share your content on social media and email. It will help build strong customer relationships using loyalty programs and reviews. You’ll learn how to increase conversion rates using customer reviews and user-generated content. This app is also highly recommended in MyShopify reviews

Price: Free plan available. Upgraded plans from $29.99/month.

Growave shopify app

Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews: collect reviews and ratings with no hassle

Humans are social creatures driven by herd instinct and social proof—if others are doing it, it must be good! Or if no one else is doing it, there must be something wrong. That’s why it’s so important to have social proof that lets interested buyers see reviews/recommendations from others about how awesome your product is.

What does this app do? Yotpo collects your product reviews, photos, and Q&As, and displays them on your store. Social reviews like this will attract visitor attention, build trust, and increase conversions.

Price: Free.

Yotpo shopify app

PushOwl: deliver timely store news

If your email campaigns aren’t performing as well as you’d like them to, and you think you’ve tried every tip out there to make your emails better, it’s time to try a new communication channel. I’m talking about web push notifications.

This communication channel lets you reach out to customers in a timely, personalized, and automated way. 

What does this app do? With PushOwl, you can deliver automated messages to customers’ desktops or mobile devices to notify them about important updates like:

  • Ongoing promotions
  • Abandoned carts
  • Product stock changes
  • Price changes
  • Shipping information

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $19/month.

Pushowl shopify app

ReferralCandy: set up a customer referral program

Research shows that a happy customer can share their positive experience with up to 9 other people. What’s even better, customers tend to spend 10–25% more on their first order than they usually would for a product someone recommended. They also repeat their purchases more often, and are likely to share their positive shopping experience with friends and family.

What does this app do? ReferralCandy helps you set up a referral program in just a few minutes. This app automates almost everything, including reward payouts delivery, referral reminders, and post-purchase notifications.

Price: Free 30 day trial. Plans from $49/month.

ReferralCandy shopify app

Best Shopify apps for SEO optimization

SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero: improve your SEO and shopping experience

Sometimes you do everything you can to generate traffic to your website and grow your audience and sales. But now and then it doesn’t happen as you planned, and you don’t understand why. A complete site audit can give you a deeper understanding of the reason.

What does this app do? SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero is a Shopify SEO app that ranks your site for business, marketing, technical and ecommerce purposes, and provides data you can use to improve your store’s performance.

Price: Free.

SEO site audit shopify app

Plug in SEO: make your store SEO-friendly

Did you know that 35% of online purchases start with a Google search? If your store isn’t optimized for search engines, you might be losing a great deal of traffic to your website.

SEO can get tricky, especially if you’re new to it. To take some of the weight off your shoulders, make use of the available tools to automate the major search optimization tasks. Remember that all the small things you do add up to one, big result—your search engine presence.

What does this app do? Plug in SEO checks your online store for on-page SEO problems. The app checks page titles, headings, meta descriptions, site speed, blog post structure, content freshness, and other elements that may be affecting your website’s performance on search engines.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $20/month

Plug in SEO shopify app

SEO Image Optimizer ‑ Auto SEO: optimize SEO Images for free

Google Image Search is one of the most popular image search engines in the world. It’s important that your visuals on your ecommerce store are SEO optimized, so people can find your product when they’re on Google Image Search.

What does this app do? SEO Image Optimizer will ensure that you are set up for on-page SEO success. It constantly monitors and automatically optimizes your store to ensure you are meeting Google’s best practices when it comes to SEO.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $24.99/month.

SEO Image Optimizer shopify app

Bulk Image Edit: improve SEO by optimizing alt-text and file names

Why do you need an image editor? Because file size matters—the faster your page loads, the higher your ecommerce store ranks in Google. The higher the rank, the more traffic you will get and the more money you will make. 

What does this app do? Bulk Image Edit reduces up to 51% of the image file sizes without losing any visible image quality. It will help you make all your images conform to the same width/height ratio. It also resizes or crops images to fit any social media or sales channel listing.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $9.99/month.

Bulk Image Edit shopify app

SEO Products Optimizer: improve SEO in a few clicks and drive traffic

SEO helps you drive more traffic from search engines to your store. This increases the chances of sales. To improve these chances, you need help from someone that analyzes your product listings and gives suggestions on how you can improve your product copy.

What does this app do? SEO Products Optimizer will let you have a quick view on your SEO score for each of your products. It uses the last updates from Google to give you real-time recommendations that may skyrocket your store in the search results.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $14/month.

SEO products omptimizer shopify app

Best Shopify apps for store design

HelpCenter: build an attractive FAQ page

Your customers will always have questions. Some of these questions will be recurring. To save yourself some precious time, address the deepest customer concerns in an FAQ page on your website.

What does this app do? HelpCenter lets you create a searchable, branded, and easy-to-navigate FAQ page on your website that matches your store design.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $4/month.

HelpCenter shopify app

Wishlist Plus: let shoppers save products for later

Did you know that 96% of visitors that come to your website aren’t ready to actually buy something? So instead of urging your visitors to take the plunge and hit that “Add to cart” button, let them save their dream products for later.

What does this app do? Wishlist Plus increases the chances of window shoppers converting into actual shoppers by letting them favorite or save the items they like. The app remembers them for a later time when the visitor is ready to buy.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans from $14.99/month.

Wishlist plus shopify app

Loox ‑ Photo Reviews: collect product reviews

Having positive testimonials on your store or website is crucial. When it’s time to make a decision, seeing good reviews from other customers can nudge your visitor to make the purchase. Consumers trust product reviews and photos much more than marketing emails. The best way to win visitors’ trust is to include social proof such as product reviews.

What does this app do? Loox helps you to send automated emails asking customers to leave product reviews, and offer discounts for submitting reviews with photos. This is one of the most popular Shopify apps if you want to showcase product reviews from happy customers in beautiful galleries.

Price: 14-day free trial. Upgraded plan from $24.95/month.

Loox shopify app

Shogun Page Builder: quickly build and modify store pages

Building unique pages with conversion-boosting elements helps you differentiate your brand from your competitors while increasing revenue. No need to spend time and money on expensive developers when you can build your store pages on your own with an intuitive visual page builder.

What does this app do? Shogun is the leader in drag and drop ecommerce page builders, allowing you to create and modify all your most important Shopify pages without bothering with code. Building store pages has never been easier with powerful page elements, pre-built templates, and useful integrations with leading brands.

Price: 10-day free trial. Plans start at $39/month.

Shogun Shopify page builder

PageFly Advanced Page Builder: build pages and blogs easily

Those just getting started with web design might feel tempted to hire professional to help create the best ecommerce store ever. However, with this app, you can do it all yourself. 

What does this app do: PageFly is easy to use drag-and-drop page builder. Build any page type: home page, sales landing page, promotion landing page, sign-up landing page, and many more.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans start from $15.20/month. 

PageFly shopify app

Vario: Show product variant images as swatches

Visually appealing product displays do wonders for drawing the shopper’s attention. Energize your online product shelves and make it easy for your customers to switch between product variations.

What does this app do? Vario allows you to transform product variant swatches into customizable dropdown lists.
After you import products from the print-on-demand panel of choice, you can automatically show variant images as swatches. It works with translation apps, a wide range of third-party apps, and supports 80+ Shopify themes.

By using Vario you’ll get:

  • High image resolution
  • Great design and responsiveness
  • The option to completely customize variant swatch styles in a central app settings panel

Price: Free to install

Vario Shopify app

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC: use customers’ Instagram pictures for your page

Almost every brand these days is using Instagram to engage with their audience, make sales, and grow popularity. With 500 million daily users and 800 million monthly users, it would be crazy not to advertise your products there. This is the time to get the best from Instagram and use it to reach your goals.

Learn more: Guide to Using Instagram Hashtags

What does this app do? Shop Instagram Feed & UGC helps you create a great-looking Instagram feed on your homepage. It also lets you embed beautiful shoppable galleries on any existing or new page.

Price: Free. Upgraded plans start from $9/month.

Shop Instagram shopify app

Best Shopify apps for products and inventory

Printful: sell your designs on custom dropshipping products with print-on-demand

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Learn more:

To start an ecommerce business, you need two things: an internet connection and a good idea. You can handle product making yourself or find someone who will do this job for you. With print-on-demand, you sell products under your brand, while you leave the fulfillment process to the supplier company. 

This dropshipping business model lets you create unique designs and have them printed on-demand on products of your choice.

Learn More: How to Start a Dropshipping Business

What does this app do? Printful gives you an opportunity to sell your unique designs on a variety of printed products. Most importantly, it will print and ship every order that comes into your store.

If you source products from a supplier other than Printful, you can store them at Printful’s warehouse too, and leave fulfillment of all your orders entirely to us.

Price: Free to install: only pay when an order comes in.

Printful print on demand
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Lets go Product Images Import

Product images are one of the most critical elements in your store because people buy with their eyes. The problem is that Shopify doesn’t make it easy for you to upload multiple product photos simultaneously. For bulk upload, you have to rely on manually writing info into a CSV sheet which is both time-consuming and prone to error.

What does this app do? Product Images Import lets you upload bulk upload images directly from your Google Drive. All you need to do is add SKUs to product images in the file’s name or somewhere in the file’s metadata. 

The Shopify plugin will then scan your Google Drive and automatically match images with corresponding SKUs in your Shopify store. All you need to do is ensure that images are correctly matched and click upload.

Price: Free 7-day trial. Paid plans start at $18/month.

Product image import app:

Pre-order Manager: pre-launch your new products

Adding new products to your store is both exciting and stressful. You can never know whether the new addition will be as successful as you think.

Before introducing a new product to the permanent collection, create buzz around it by launching a pre-order campaign. This will give you a better idea whether the new product is in demand and how many sales you can expect.

What does this app do? Pre-Order Manager can replace your regular “Add to Cart” (or “Out of Stock”) button with “Pre-Order,” which lets you sell products even when they’re not quite on your store yet.

You can turn on/off and schedule pre-orders for certain products or for the whole store. The list of all pre-orders will show up in the admin panel, so you can change or delete them as you like.

Price: Free 1-day trial. Upgraded plan from $24.95/month.

Pre-order manager shopify app

Order Printer Templates: look professional with branded invoices/receipts

When all the SEO and sales work is done, you can start thinking of ways to make your brand/store look more professional with important details like the way your invoices or receipts look. 

What does this app do? With Order Printer Templates, you can create purchase documents that  suit your brand. Each template type comes in many styles, so you can pick the one that matches your website design best. With this Shopify app, you can create custom documents such as:

  • invoice / receipt
  • return form
  • gift receipt

Price: Free to test. Then $29 (one-time fee) per template

Order printer templates shopify app

Bulk Product Edit & CSV import: bulk edit thousands of products

Manually managing and supervising your store and all your products is hard and time-consuming—you have to create SEO optimized tags and descriptions for each. We found a Shopify app that is specialized in doing this kind of repetitive work accurately and quickly.

What does this app do? With Bulk Product Edit, you can update the URL, meta title, and meta description of thousands of products in a few clicks. It also allows you to schedule bulk edit tasks to run on any future date and time.

Price: Free. Updated plans from $9.99/month.

Bulk product editor shopify app

Your turn

With so many time- and money-saving apps, the Shopify app store can be your best business partner. Hopefully, this list has helped you find something you hadn’t heard of before. And if it has inspired you to start using Shopify, sign up for a 14-day trial run.

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By Sintija Zankovska on May 14, 2020

Sintija Zankovska

Sintija is an SEO content specialist at Printful. Along with her team, she helps to create the best possible landing pages and SEO-friendly content.

Sintija is an SEO content specialist at Printful. Along with her team, she helps to create the best possible landing pages and SEO-friendly content.