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Blog / Beginner's handbook / 15 Profitable Dropshipping Business Ideas to Try in 2024

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Blog / Beginner's handbook / 15 Profitable Dropshipping Business Ideas to Try in 2024

Beginner's handbook

15 Profitable Dropshipping Business Ideas to Try in 2024

15 Profitable Dropshipping Business Ideas to Try in 2024
Gabriela Martinez

By Gabriela Martinez

22 min read

It’s not news that dropshipping is a profitable business model for entrepreneurs who want to run their own online store. But what sets a successful dropshipping business apart from the rest? One of the most important things is finding the best opportunities in the sea of dropshipping business ideas. The question is: how can you spot them?

In this article, you’ll find the most promising ideas to help you start a dropshipping business with a higher potential. And as a bonus, you can also learn about online tools to do your own research and find the best options according to the latest trends and your niche.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

1. Clothing

There’s no better way to start this list than with clothing items, since apparel is one of the most profitable dropshipping products to sell online. Statistics show that this is one of the categories with the highest shares of the global dropshipping market.

See more dropshipping statistics in the article: TOP 10 Dropshipping Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Among the bestselling products in this segment, here are the ones I recommend for your dropshipping store.

custom t-shirt

Source: Printful

custom hoodie

Source: Printful

custom sweatpants

Source: Printful

custom leggings

Source: Printful

Source: Printful

custom shorts

Source: Printful

custom swimwear

Source: Printful

Bathing suits are always useful—it’s always sunny somewhere, right? And thanks to dropshipping you can offer these all year around. 

Examples: one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis, monokinis, high-waisted swimsuits, rash guards, swim dresses, plus-size swimwear, and maternity swimwear. You can also offer swimwear cover-ups like sarongs, kaftans, tunics, or beach dresses.

custom sports bra

Source: Printful

Want to add extra value to the pieces above? Use print-on-demand and branded dropshipping to sprinkle some personality into your products and create your custom clothing line. It’s a great way to deliver a more exclusive experience to your end customer and stand out from the competition.

Learn more: Etsy Dropshipping: What’s Allowed in 2024?

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2. Fitness and wellness

With an annual growth of 5 to 10%, the global wellness market has been valued at 1.5 trillion dollars, according to a study by McKinsey. People are more aware than ever of their mental health and interested in taking care of themselves. Use your dropshipping business to help them!

Is this segment interesting and relevant to you? Think about how you and the people you know take care of your bodies and minds. This will help you find the perfect dropshipping niches for your ecommerce store.

Check some products that could be great for this audience:

  • Yoga mats

custom yoga mat

Source: Printful

More products related to meditation and mindfulness: aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, and relaxation aids.

  • Dumbbells and kettlebells

dropshipping dumbbells

Source: The Thirty

  •  Gym gloves

dropshipping gym gloves

Source: Etsy

While looking for examples, this one from Etsy caught my attention for its different design, color, and fun photo. Check out the fact that even the nail art matches the gloves.

Pro tip: Don’t underestimate the power of good pictures when listing your product.

  • Resistance bands

  resistance bands

Source: The Thirty

  •  Trampolines


Source: Amazon

  •  Skipping ropes

skipping rope

Source: The Thirty

  •  Fitness trackers

fitness tracker

Source: The Thirty

  •  Foam rollers

foam roller

Source: Healthline

Not as traditional as the other activities in this list, foam rolling promises to relieve stress and tone up the body with minimal effort. I must admit that after reading that, I felt like buying one myself. Which reminds me it’s important to highlight the benefits of a product in its description.

  • Essential oils and diffusers

oil diffuser dropshipping

Source: The Thirty

3. Beauty products

Recent stats show that things look really good in the beauty market: cosmetic retailers reported $430 billion in online sales in 2022, and the industry in general generates over $100 billion in revenue worldwide.

For many people, skincare could also be in the wellness section. It’s impossible to scroll on Instagram or TikTok and not see a video about it. In fact, skincare alone is projected to generate up to $177 billion by 2025. But don’t be biased to think that this segment only focuses on women. Projections for the men’s personal care market point to $276.9 billion by 2030.

Let’s check the best dropshipping business ideas for those who wish to make money with beauty products.

  • Bath and body products

custom hand wash bottle

Source: Printful

Examples: hand and body lotion, facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, toners, face masks, exfoliators, and acne treatment products.

Pro tip: Personalize the packaging with original art or text to make it more exclusive.

  • Makeup products

dropshipping cosmetics

Source: Amazon

Examples: foundation, concealer, lipstick, lip balm, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, eyeliner, and blush.

  • Shampoos and conditioners

hair products

Source: Hair Burst

  •  Nail care products

nail care products

Source: Manucurist

Examples: nail polishes, nail treatments, nail tools, and nail art supplies.

  • Beauty tools and accessories

makeup tools

Source: AutoDS

Examples: makeup brushes, beauty blenders, makeup sponges, eyelash curlers, tweezers, facial rollers, and makeup bags.

  • Sun protection

sun protection products

Source: BigBuy

Examples: sunscreens, sunblocks, sunless tanning lotions, and after-sun care products.

  • Men’s Grooming Products

mens grooming products

Source: GQ Magazine

 Examples: shaving creams, razors, beard oils, aftershaves, and skincare products designed for men.

  • Beauty Supplements


Source: Amazon

Examples: collagen supplements, vitamins for skin and hair health, and beauty-enhancing supplements.

Remember to choose products that align with your target audience, conduct market research to identify popular trends, and ensure that your selected products meet safety and quality standards. Building strong relationships with reliable suppliers is crucial for successful dropshipping in the beauty industry.

4. Outdoor gear

Growth in the global outdoor gear market is booming. Its positive projections, especially in North America and Europe, are attributed to the rising demand for open-air recreational experiences.

Consumers in this niche seek high quality, functionality, comfort, and style. There’s also a growing demand for lightweight and compact products that are easy to carry during outdoor adventures. Sustainability is also a key consideration, with consumers looking for eco-friendly and responsibly-made items.

This highly competitive market features established brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, and Arc’teryx. But there’s also room for smaller, specialized brands that cater to specific outdoor activities or niches.

Here are some profitable products that you can explore in this segment:

  • Camping Equipment

camping equipment

Source: Amazon

Examples: tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves, portable grills, camping chairs, hammocks, camping cookware sets, and camping lanterns.

  • Hiking gear

hiking gear

Source: Amazon

Examples: hiking backpacks, trekking poles, hydration packs, hiking boots, portable water filters, GPS devices, headlamps, and hiking socks.

  • Fishing equipment

dropshipping fishing equipment

Source: Business Insider

Examples: fishing rods, fishing reels, tackle boxes, fishing lures, fishing lines, fishing accessories, and fishing apparel.

  • Cycling gear

Examples: bike helmets, cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, bike lights, bike pumps, bike locks, and cycling accessories.

  • Water sports equipment

snorkeling gear

Source: Robb Report

Examples: kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling gear, wetsuits, life jackets, swim goggles, and water shoes.

  • Climbing gear

Examples: climbing harnesses, carabiners, climbing ropes, climbing shoes, helmets, chalk bags, and climbing accessories.

  • Winter sports gear

Examples: ski jackets, snow pants, ski goggles, ski helmets, snowshoes, ice axes, snowboarding gear, and winter sports accessories.

  • Survival and preparedness gear

survival set

Source: Etsy

Examples: survival kits, emergency blankets, fire starters, multi-tools, first aid kits, compasses, and outdoor survival books.

  • Outdoor cooking equipment

Examples: portable grills, camping stoves, cast iron cookware, cooking utensils, campfire cooking tripods, and camping coffee makers.

  • Navigation tools

navigation tool

Source: Amazon

Examples: GPS devices, compasses, handheld radios, binoculars, hiking maps, and outdoor watches with GPS functions.

  • Outdoor furniture

Examples: Folding chairs, picnic tables, portable camping tables, camping hammocks, portable camping beds, and camping pillows.

5. Home decor

The home decor market has seen significant growth in recent years, pushed by factors like spending more time at home during the pandemic and the popularity of interior design through social media content and home improvement shows.

This market encompasses a wide range of products. Each category offers many opportunities for dropshipping, which is a great business model for this segment since home decor is often influenced by seasonal trends and evolving styles. Dropshipping enables you to quickly introduce new products to your store without the risk of dealing with excess inventory.

Here are some ideas that might inspire your online store:

custom wall art

Source: Printful

Examples: canvas prints, framed art, posters, wall decals, and flags.

custom pillows

Source: Printful

Examples: throw pillows, accent pillows, and pillow covers.

  • Rugs and carpets

Examples: area rugs, runner rugs, and doormats.

custom candles

Source: Printful 

  • Lighting fixtures

Examples: Pendant lights, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and string lights.

  • Vases and planters

Examples: ceramic vases, glass vases, hanging planters, and succulent pots.

  • Decorative mirrors

dropshipping mirrors

Source: Etsy

custom throw blanket

Source: Printful

  • Home storage solutions

Examples: decorative baskets, storage boxes, organizers, and shelving units.

  • Decorative accents

Examples: figurines, sculptures, decorative trays, decorative bowls, and bookends.

  • Seasonal decorations

printful seasonal decoration

Source: Printful

Examples: Christmas ornaments, Easter decor, Halloween decorations, and seasonal wreaths.

  • Furniture accessories

Examples: Cushions, chair covers, table runners, and furniture hardware.

  • Towels

custom embroidered towels

Source: Printful

Dropshipping personalized home decor items can cater to customers looking to add a personal touch to their living spaces. To make it even more exclusive, you can offer personalized and customized home decor products. This includes monogrammed pillows, custom wall art, and personalized photo frames. You’ll see more of it below. Keep reading.

Pro tip: When starting a dropshipping business in the home decor industry, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest home decor trends and provide excellent customer service.

6. Gaming supplies

Everyone knows the gaming market has become a massive industry worldwide. Fueled by factors like increasing smartphone penetration, the rising popularity of eSports, and technological advancements, the global gaming market was valued at $202.7 billion in 2022. It’s projected to reach $295.6 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 10.5%.

But if you think gaming’s limited to traditional consoles, think again. The market includes various platforms, like consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo), PCs, cloud gaming platforms, and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Among those, mobile gaming represents the largest segment in this industry, and accounts for the highest revenue share.

The gaming market offers a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, role-playing, sports, strategy, puzzle, and simulation games. Different genres connect with diverse player preferences and can inspire distinct dropshipping ideas, including a wide range of accessories and peripherals for different niches. Let’s take a look at some of them.

gaming merch

Source: Instagram @oxg_esports 

Examples: gaming-themed merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, posters, and collectibles.

  • Gaming consoles

Examples: PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

  • Gaming accessories

gaming accessories

Source: Amazon

Examples: monitors, keyboards, mice, controllers, and headsets. 

custom gaming mouse pad

Source: Printful

  • Gaming chairs

  • Gaming cables and accessories
    Examples: HDMI cables, USB cables, and controller charging cables.

  • Gaming VR accessories

gaming vr accessories

Source: Amazon

Examples: VR headsets, motion controllers, and VR-compatible games for virtual reality gaming enthusiasts.

Note that gaming is no longer limited to a specific age group. The demographics have expanded, with players of all ages and genders participating. The average age of gamers is increasing, and women now constitute a significant portion of the gaming population.

7. Home office supplies

The home office supplies market has witnessed relevant transformations in recent years, mainly due to the rise in remote work during the pandemic. Many companies have implemented work-from-home policies, increasing the demand for home office supplies to create comfortable and productive work environments.

But even after offices reopened, the global home office supply market maintains a positive projection. One interesting trend is the increased focus on health and well-being, generating a growing demand for ergonomic home office supplies.

And let’s not forget that this market isn’t limited to individual consumers. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are also a significant audience as they equip their employees’ home offices for remote work—an interesting niche to explore.

Here are some home office supply ideas for your dropshipping business:

custom notebook

Source: Printful 

Examples: notebooks, pens and pencils, markers, stickers, post-its, scissors, paper clips, and staplers.

  • Desk organizers and storage solutions

desk organizer

Source: Etsy

  • Wireless devices

  • Ergonomic chairs and adjustable standing desks

ergonomic desk dropshipping

Source: Amazon

  • Laptop stands and cooling pads

  • Desk accessories

Examples: pen holders, desk mats, memo pads, and lamps.

  • Desktop computers and laptops

laptops in an online store

Source: Amazon

Pro tip: Offering a diverse range of home office supplies for different needs and budgets will help attract a broad customer base and increase the chances of success in your dropshipping business.

8. Fashion accessories

From day-to-day to luxury items, the fashion accessories market presents products that complement and enhance personal style while representing an important ecommerce market share.

According to The Grand View Research, the US ecommerce fashion accessory market forecasts a CAGR of 12.4% between 2022 and 2028.

ecommerce fashion accessories market

Source: Grand View Research

In terms of online retail and ecommerce, this market section has embraced the digital era. Many consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping, where they can browse a wide range of products, compare prices, and make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Although fast fashion has a big role in the numbers of this segment, there’s an increasing focus on sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. People are seeking accessories made from eco-friendly materials, recycled materials, or produced under fair trade conditions. 

If you want to offer such items in your store, make sure your supplier shares the same values and is transparent about their products.

cross body bags

Source: Printful

custom fanny pack

Source: Printful


  • Scarves and shawls

  • Sunglasses

  • Hats and caps

blank hat for customization

Source: Printful

  • Watches and smartwatches

  • Jewelry

Examples: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and anklets.

  • Ties, bowties, and pocket squares

  • Socks

custom socks

Source: Printful

custom scrunchies

Source: Printful

  •  Bags and backpacks

custom backpack

Source: Printful

  •  Footwear

custom footwear

Source: Printful

Examples: slip-on shoes, lace-up shoes, high-top shoes, flip-flops, slides, and high heels.

Pro tip: If you plan to start your own brand of accessories, keep in mind the strength of influencers and social selling for your marketing strategy. Their endorsements and collaborations with brands can have a substantial impact on customer purchasing decisions.

9. Baby products

The baby product market is a significant segment of the consumer goods industry, catering to the needs of infants, toddlers, and young children. In 2021, the value of the global baby product market size was USD 214.13 billion. It’s expected to continue expanding at a CAGR rate of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Dropshipping baby products is a huge responsibility because kids are more sensitive, and parents are always looking for high-quality options, demanding products that are hypoallergenic, comply with safety standards, and are free from harmful chemicals.

To gain your audience’s trust, pick a reliable dropshipping supplier, be transparent, and don’t forget to add reviews to your online store.

Below, you’ll find some baby product ideas for your dropshipping store:

  • Baby clothing

custom baby clothing

Source: Printful

Examples: baby bodysuits, onesies, rompers, pajamas, dresses, tops, bottoms, socks, and hats.

  • Baby care products

Examples: baby skincare products (lotions, creams, oils), baby bath products, baby wipes, diapers, diaper rash creams, baby shampoo, and baby powder.

  • Baby feeding accessories
    Examples: baby bottles, bottle sterilizers, bottle warmers, breastfeeding pillows, baby formula, baby food processors, and accessories such as bottle brushes and drying racks.

  • Baby furniture

baby furniture

Source: Etsy

Examples: cribs, bassinets, changing tables, baby highchairs, playpens, baby rocking chairs, and nursery storage solutions.

  • Baby toys

Examples: rattles, teethers, plush toys, activity gyms, mobiles, and educational toys.

  • Baby safety products

baby monitor

Source: Amazon

Examples: baby monitors, baby gates, cabinet locks, outlet covers, corner protectors, babyproofing kits, and car seats.

  • Strollers and carriers

Note: the popularity of organic and natural baby products has grown, with parents seeking items free from synthetic ingredients, dyes, and fragrances.

10. Pet products

The pet product market is a thriving industry focused not only on pets but also their owners. With a CAGR rate of 5.1% from 2022 to 2030, the future of the pet care market looks promising.

The market’s growth is driven by factors like increasing pet ownership, changing attitudes towards pets, and the growing trend of humanizing pets, making this a dropshipping business idea with high potential.

Although pet food is the largest segment in the pet products market, there’s a lot of room to be creative. Let’s check out some options.

  • Pet food and treats

pet food

Source: LeeMarPet

 Examples: dry food, wet food, treats, and snacks like biscuits, chews, jerky, dental treats, and freeze-dried items. There’s a growing demand for premium and natural pet food that prioritizes pet health and nutrition.

  • Pet toys

  • Pet grooming products

Examples: shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, nail clippers, ear cleaners, and dental care products.

  • Pet accessories

Examples: pet beds, mats, blankets, pillows, pet carriers, collars, leashes, harnesses, feeding stations, litter boxes, litter trays, and training pads.

  • Pet healthcare products

pet dropshipping product

Source: Pet Dropshipper

Examples: flea and tick treatments, deworming treatments, supplements, vitamins, dental care products, and other pet health and wellness items.

  • Pet clothing

custom pet bandana

Source: Printful

Examples: bandanas, sweaters, coats, raincoats, boots, and accessories like hats and bandanas.

  • Personalized pet products

custom pet bowls

Source: Printful

Examples: engraved ID tags, customized collars, and pet accessories with the pet’s name or photo.

11. Electronics

Electronics are among the major segments in the dropshipping business industry, which makes it a fantastic dropshipping business idea. Rapidly evolving with tech novelties, this market includes a rich variety of product categories. Let’s check out some of them below:

  • Smartphones

dropshipping smartphones

Source: Amazon

  • Laptops and tablets

  • Televisions

  • Cameras

  • Wearable devices

smart watches

Source: eBay

  • Headphones and speakers

Examples: wireless headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and soundbars.

  • Home appliances

Example: refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and kitchen appliances.

Pro tip: Building partnerships with reputable electronics brands and authorized distributors, as well as providing excellent customer service, warranty support, and product assistance, can help ensure product authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

12. Eco-friendly products

Yes, it’s possible to dropship eco-friendly products, as these are not only handmade items. The term stands for products designed to leave minimal negative environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, promoting environmental conservation, resource efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint.

If your dropshipping business focuses on sustainability, it’s important to source from reputable dropshipping suppliers that adhere to sustainable practices and certifications and to highlight those facts in your descriptions to avoid accidental greenwashing.

Additionally, you can adopt eco-friendly packaging and shipping practices to support your commitment to sustainability. For example, if your supplier has fulfillment centers spread around the globe, that could mean less carbon used during the shipping process.

Now, let’s check out some products related to this dropshipping business idea:

custom water bottle

Source: Printful

organic cotton t-shirts

Source: Printful

custom tote bag

Source: Printful

  • Solar-powered lights

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

  eco friendly product dropshipping

Source: The Good Trade

  • Biodegradable disposable cutlery

  • Organic beauty and personal care products

  • Energy-efficient electronics

  • Compostable disposable tableware

Examples: compostable plates, cups, and utensils made from plant-based materials.

  • Sustainable home decor

sustainable home decor

Source: Qalara

Example: decor items made from recycled materials, reclaimed wood, or natural fibers.

13. Car accessories

For practice, comfort, safety, or aesthetic reasons, car accessories are some of the most profitable dropshipping business ideas and couldn’t be left out. The global market for this segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% during 2023–2028.

global car accessories market

Source: Expert Market Research

Among the best products in this section, there are:

  • Car phone mounts

  • Car seat covers and floor mats

car accessories dropshipping

Source: Big Buy

  • Car chargers and power adapters

  • Car air fresheners

car air fresheners dropshipping

Source: Big Buy

  • Car window shades
  • Car dash cams
  • Car emergency kits
  • Car LED lights
  • Car organizers
  • Car window tints
  • Car roof racks and cargo carriers
  • Car cleaning products
  • Car security systems

Examples: alarm systems, steering wheel locks, or GPS tracking devices to enhance security and vehicle theft protection.

  • Car audio and entertainment systems

Examples: car audio systems, speakers, amplifiers, and multimedia systems.

Like the idea of dropshipping car accessories? Remember to ensure product compatibility with different car models and emphasize their quality, durability, and ease of installation.

14. Travel accessories

Of course the travel niche needs a spot in our dropshipping business ideas list! Selling travel accessories using the dropshipping business model can be a lucrative business venture, considering the increasing number of people flying, sailing, and driving around, and the demand for convenient and functional travel items.

The market is expected to reach USD 55.29 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 6.5% within the next 10 years. That’s higher than the 5% expected between 2018 and 2022. Note that the numbers kept growing even with the negative impact of the lockdown period between 2020 and 2021, revealing the resilience of this segment.

In case you’re looking for a niche in this sector, remember there are different traveler profiles, like leisure travelers, business travelers, adventure enthusiasts, and frequent flyers. Each type has specific needs for travel accessories. Want to see some ideas? Here you go:

  • Luggage, suitcases, and bags

Source: Printful

  • Neck pillows
  • Compression socks
  • Technology and gadgets

Examples: portable chargers, travel adapters with USB ports, travel-sized Bluetooth speakers, travel-friendly camera accessories, and smart luggage.

  • Safety and security accessories

passport holder dropshipping

Source: Etsy

Examples: TSA-approved locks, RFID-blocking passport holders and wallets, luggage trackers, and portable safes.

  • Seasonal and destination-specific accessories

Example: beach towels, waterproof phone pouches, and portable sunshades can be targeted toward beach destinations.

  • Packing cubes

  • Travel locks

  • Travel-sized toiletries

Examples: shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and sunscreens that allow travelers to adhere to carry-on liquid restrictions.

  • Travel luggage tags

travel luggage tags

Source: Etsy

Pro tip: Implement tailored marketing strategies to reach your target audience. Social media platforms, travel blogs, influencer partnerships, and search engine optimization (SEO) are effective ways to promote your travel accessories.

15. Personalized gifts

Last (but not least) our list of dropshipping business ideas are personalized gifts. To dropship these kinds of products, you can count on print-on-demand suppliers like Printful. They offer a huge variety of apparel, accessories, and home & living items to be customized with your designs.

Besides adding a special touch and sentiment to any occasion, personalized items are an excellent way to connect with your niche, which can help you increase product value.

Here are some personalized gift ideas for your dropshipping business:

  • Customized photo gifts

Examples: Photo mugs, photo frames, photo books, or photo blankets.

personalized mugs

Source: Printful 

  • Monogrammed accessories
  • Personalized home decor

Examples: personalized wall art, engraved cutting boards, custom doormats, or monogrammed pillows.

Examples: custom t-shirts, jackets, embroidered hats, or monogrammed robes.

custom phone cases

Source: Printful

  •  Personalized stationery

custom stickers

Source: Printful

Examples: personalized stationery sets, including custom notepads, engraved pens, or monogrammed notebooks.

  • Personalized kitchenware

custom apron

Source: Printful

Examples: engraved cutting boards, embroidered aprons, or personalized recipe books.

  • Customized pet products

Examples: engraved pet tags, pet collars, pet bowls, and pet beds.

  • Personalized baby gifts

Examples: baby blankets, engraved baby photo frames, or custom-made baby onesies with the baby’s name or initials.

  • Personalized tech gadgets

custom airpod case

Source: Printful

Examples: Earphone cases, engraved USB drives, personalized phone grips, or custom laptop sleeves.

  • Personalized sports memorabilia

Examples: customized jerseys, engraved sports balls, or personalized sports team merchandise.

  • Engraved jewelry

Examples: necklaces, bracelets, rings, or pendants can be engraved with names, initials, or meaningful messages.

Pro tip: If you’re going to personalize products for your customers, provide clear instructions about personalization details and ensure that the preview images accurately represent the final product.

How to find the best dropshipping business ideas

Although this list of dropshipping business ideas is pretty comprehensive, you should always do your own research to find the best match for your own online store. To help you on that mission, you can count on some efficient online tools. And the best part: they’re free!

Google Trends helps you determine if your dropshipping business idea or niche has an upward or downward trend. You can narrow your research by location, topic, and kind of research (web search, image search, news search, etc.). If the graphic is up or consistently linear, it’s a good sign.


TikTok is one of the strongest platforms for social selling at the moment, especially—but not exclusively—among Gen Z customers. To get some insights, scan the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

On Pinterest Trends, you can find what people are searching for based on time period, interests, keywords, age, and gender. This is especially interesting for businesses in the design, fashion, and home & living industries.

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is a “trend community” that leverages big data, user research, and AI to identify shopper insights and deep-dive opportunities. On their website, you’ll find an abundance of ideas categorized into segments like Fashion, Tech, Life, Culture, Design, and others.

Trend Hunted website

Source: Trend Hunter

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Turn ideas into products

As you can see, there are many opportunities to start your own dropshipping business. How to decide which one is the best for you?

Our number 1 piece of advice is to choose a niche market you can relate with. That will give you knowledge and access to important information about the audience. It’ll also motivate you to keep going through the ups and downs of your entrepreneurship journey.

Second, pick products that your audience shows a true interest in. It’ll save you time and money.

Once you have your niche market and your dropshipping business idea clear, it’s time to find a reliable dropshipping supplier and create an effective business plan and marketing strategy.

More importantly: be open to learning from your mistakes and reinventing yourself as many times as you need! Any questions? Drop us a comment!

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By Gabriela Martinez on Dec 5, 2023

Gabriela Martinez

Guest author

Gabriela is a creative copywriter, professional blogger, and passionate content marketer with experience in publicity agencies and international companies. She loves sharing her ideas and new trends to bring inspiration to everyone around her.

Gabriela is a creative copywriter, professional blogger, and passionate content marketer with experience in publicity agencies and international companies. She loves sharing her ideas and new trends to bring inspiration to everyone around her.