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Blog / Style & trends / Is It Worth Selling on TikTok in 2024?

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Blog / Style & trends / Is It Worth Selling on TikTok in 2024?

Style & trends

Is It Worth Selling on TikTok in 2024?

Is It Worth Selling on TikTok in 2024?
Karlina Rozkalne

By Karlina Rozkalne

6 min read

A social media platform that’s now also a highly lucrative platform to sell products—that’s TikTok. The platform has a massive user base, with over 150M active users in the US alone, making TikTok one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide.

TikTok’s ecommerce solution, TikTok Shop, has proven to be highly successful. According to TikTok for Business, 92% of global users take action after watching a TikTok video. The in-app solution means a quick and seamless shopping experience that keeps users engaged and reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment. 

TikTok Shop offers a way to reach your target audience to  promote and sell print-on-demand products directly on the platform. But is it worth selling on TikTok for you? Read on to find out!

Tiktok in 2024

TikTok remains one of the fastest-growing social media platforms worldwide and has a huge influence on social commerce. Here are some key insights and statistics that define TikTok in 2024.

User growth and demographics

  • In 2021, the TikTok app passed 1B monthly active users. In just 2 years, the audience grew to 1.5B, and it’s predicted to reach 1.8B by the end of 2024​.

  • In the US, TikTok’s monthly active users have exceeded 150M. That’s nearly half of the entire country’s population.

  • The majority of TikTok users are aged 18–34.

a graph of a number of peopleSource: Backlinko

Usage trends

  • Americans spend more time on TikTok than any other platform.

  • 62% of TikTok users want to see tutorials, 39% are looking for product and service reviews, and 38% seek out personal stories.

  • 23% of all internet users worldwide use TikTok.

  • Users spend about an hour on the platform daily.

a close-up of a textSource: Backlinko

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Marketing and consumer behavior

  • 74% of Gen Z users are likely to seek more information about a product after seeing it on TikTok​.

  • 92% of users take action after watching a video, and 33% make a purchase after seeing a product on the platform.

  • 64% of TikTok users are interested in watching live content from brands, and 1 in 3 Gen Z shoppers are interested in buying from TikTok Live because they get to see the product in action (instead of just seeing product pictures).

  • TikTok Ads are almost twice as effective as ads on TV.

a screenshot of a black and pink price listSource: TikTok for Business

What is the TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is an in-app shopping feature that allows users to buy products directly on TikTok without leaving the platform. It offers businesses a seamless way to showcase and sell products by placing product links in video content, live shopping streams, and in a brand or creator’s profile.

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Have any TikTok Shop-related questions? We’ve got a dedicated TikTok Shop section in our Help Center.

a screenshot of a computerSource: Printful Help Center

Is selling on TikTok Shop worth it in 2024?

Yes, selling on TikTok Shop is absolutely worth it. With over 1.5B active users worldwide, the platform offers a significant reach. Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok has high user engagement rates, with 92% of users taking action after viewing a product video. That makes TikTok an unusually effective channel for driving sales and attracting new customers.

a black background with white textSource: TikTok for Business

How does TikTok Shop work?

TikTok Shop offers 4 ways for users to browse and buy your products:

  • Product links in pre-recorded videos on the feed

  • Product showcase tab on your TikTok profile

  • Live shopping on TikTok Live videos

  • Shop tab with shoppable content and products

a screenshot of a phoneSource: TikTok

Product tags must be added when publishing and cannot be edited after videos are already live.

To start selling on TikTok, you need to sign up as a Seller with your existing TikTok account, phone, or email. Enter your personal or business information, choose your business type (seller, creator, partner, or affiliate), and submit relevant documents. Wait for approval of your application review (2–3 days). Lastly, link a bank account, upload products, and start selling.

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Once you’re approved as a TikTok Seller, you must develop your marketing strategy. If paid ads will be part of it, you’ll use TikTok Ads Manager, TikTok’s all-in-one advertising platform.

a woman standing outside with a messageSource: TikTok for Business

If you’re interested in TikTok ads, we recommend getting TikTok’s free Ads Manager step-by-step guide. It’ll help you create and manage campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.

a screenshot of a computerSource: TikTok for Business

How hard is it to sell on TikTok Shop?

Starting to sell on TikTok Shop is simple: you have to fill out a form to become a Seller, provide relevant documents, and wait for TikTok’s approval. The platform offers user-friendly tools for setting up and creating content. The competitive environment and reliance on TikTok’s algorithm for visibility can pose challenges, and standing out requires creativity, quality content, and strategic marketing. The most successful businesses on TikTok use trends that are consistent with their brand and connect with their audience.

Pros of selling on TikTok

Large user base

TikTok has over 1.5B active users worldwide, providing an extensive audience for big and small businesses.​

High engagement

Users spend almost an hour per day on the app, often engaging with content multiple times every day. This high level of interaction increases the likelihood of product discovery and sales.

Merch integration with Printful

TikTok integrates seamlessly with Printful, allowing businesses to sell custom merchandise directly through the platform without managing inventory, production, and shipping​.

Virality potential

TikTok’s algorithm promotes viral content, allowing businesses to reach a vast audience quickly. Creative and engaging videos can gain widespread attention, driving significant traffic and sales.

Cost-effective advertising

TikTok Ads are almost twice as effective as ads on TV, so sellers using paid ads are maximizing their return on investment. Thanks to the targeted ad features, the platform ensures that businesses reach the most relevant audience.

Diverse content types

TikTok supports various content formats—short videos, livestreams, and interactive ads. This diversity allows businesses to experiment with different types of content to see what resonates most with their audience​​.

Community engagement

The platform’s strong community aspect encourages users to connect with brands and creators. This engagement can lead to higher trust and loyalty, ultimately driving more sales.

Influencer collaborations

TikTok’s influencer ecosystem allows businesses to collaborate with popular creators, leveraging their follower base to increase brand visibility and credibility​.

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Cons of selling on TikTok

Limited availability

TikTok Shop is currently available only in the UK and the US, restricting access to other regions and limiting potential market reach.​

High competition

The platform’s popularity means that businesses are vying for attention, potentially making it challenging to stand out.

Algorithm dependence

TikTok’s content visibility heavily relies on its algorithm, which can be unpredictable. This means that even high-quality content may not always reach the intended audience without additional promotion or advertising spending.

Ad costs for broad reach

While TikTok offers competitive advertising rates, reaching a wider audience can still be costly, especially for businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Who is selling on TikTok Shop best for?

Selling on TikTok Shop is best for businesses targeting a young audience aged 18–34. Due to TikTok’s visual and interactive nature, the most popular product categories are beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. The platform is well-suited for businesses of any size thanks to TikTok’s viral potential and cost-effective advertising options.

Final thoughts

Your main takeaway should be this: sure, TikTok is not for everyone, but if your audience is on the platform, you should be, too. It has too big of a potential not to give it a try. That doesn’t mean you must now make TikTok your main channel for interacting with shoppers, building brand awareness, and making sales. Who knows? Maybe in time, it’ll happen naturally.

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By Karlina Rozkalne on Jun 13, 2024

Karlina Rozkalne

SEO Content Writer

Karlina is an SEO Content Writer specialist at Printful. As a firm believer in attitude over aptitude, Karlina gives her 100% whenever she works on something new. Karlina spends her free time reading, traveling, and doing yoga.

Karlina is an SEO Content Writer specialist at Printful. As a firm believer in attitude over aptitude, Karlina gives her 100% whenever she works on something new. Karlina spends her free time reading, traveling, and doing yoga.