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10 Successful YouTuber Merch Stores to Get Inspiration From

10 Successful YouTuber Merch Stores to Get Inspiration From
Sintija Zankovska

By Sintija Zankovska

7 min read

While regular TV is becoming a thing of the past in 2020, internet platforms like YouTube are already the present and  future of television for many people worldwide. In 2019, YouTube had 2 billion monthly visitors, which made it the second most popular platform right after Facebook.

Why is YouTube so addictive for so many of us, you may ask? For one, the place is full of ingenious, talented, funny, and educational creators who attract people with their captivating content. We call them YouTubers. 

After YouTubers reach a solid number of fans, they often decide to expand their brand and create YouTuber merch for their supporters. 90% of digital consumers in the US use YouTube. Nowadays, sporting YouTuber merch is a trendy way to show the world you’re a fan of somebody inspiring. For that somebody, it’s also a great way to make money and keep your community engaged.

Many YouTubers use print-on-demand (POD) services to create their merchandise. So we wanted to show you 10 of the best YouTuber merch ideas to get you inspired for creating something of your own!

1. Dude Perfect

DudePerfect Youtuber merch
Source: Dudeperfect

Dude Perfect is a brand created by best friends who make sporty videos doing various trick shots and stunts. From time to time they make competition battles with each other and set their own rules for covering different sports. Dude Perfect is said to be one of the biggest YouTube channels for sports enthusiasts and has gained popularity as a duo that makes sports fun. So if you like sports + comedy, this YouTube channel is just for you!

About the merch: Dude Perfect is a sports channel, so sports is the main angle for their YouTube merch. The Dude Perfect store design is on-brand as well as it feels similar to sports brand websites.

2. VanossGaming

VanossGaming YouTuber merch
Source: Vanoss.3blackdot

VanossGaming or just Vanoss, is a Canadian YouTuber. He loves everything about gaming and that’s what his YouTube channel is mostly about. He’s often compared to fellow gamer PewDiePie because of their similar tastes. From time to time, Vanoss mixes things up with animated gaming sketches.

Fun fact about Vannoss—he’s also a professional musician who goes by the name of Rynx.

About the merch: The main element of Vanoss’ merch is the logo—simple but very effective. The holographic elements attract the eye and the colors really pop. The design will make others look back at you.

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3. Markiplier

Markiplier YouTuber merch
Source: Cloakbrand

Markiplier or simply Mark, loves video games, especially horror-themed ones. His style of gameplay and commentary has earned him a highly successful YouTube career. Mark sometimes uses his YouTube fame for a good cause by making gameplay live streams where he collects donations for various charities.

About the merch: Markiplier didn’t create merch just for his channel, he went to another level and created a whole clothing brand together with his fellow YouTubers. A portion of each purchase goes to charity, which the CLOAK brand mentions in their merch store.

4. DanTDM

DanTDM YouTuber merch
Source: Dantdmshop

Daniel, known more as DanTDM, is an English gaming enthusiast who’s known for his online gaming series. He’s even earned a Guinness World Record for his gaming and dedication to the best-selling video game, Minecraft. Besides all that, he has a special meme status after creating “The Dab Police” as a protest to the huge dabbing trend.

About the merch: Daniel’s logo is as bright as his hair. His store carries simple tees and hoodies with a huge, colorful logo of the characteristic diamonds that are seen as his YouTube icon. DanTDM has created different collections with similar products but each of the collections has its own unique designs. In the “Sales” section you can purchase Daniel’s products with discounts.

5. Atta Halilintar

After becoming a successful businessman at the age of 25, this creator created his own YouTube channel with interesting and diverse content. The YouTuber is mostly famous for prank and celebrity home visit videos. Atta loves to spend tens of millions of rupiah to buy squishy toys and other items to make his vlogs more fun.

About the store: This creator’s color scheme is 100% black, which is his favorite color judging by his YouTube outfits. He’s created a very professional and bold home page with many different t-shirt and hoodie designs as well as merch for kids. As Atta’s an international creator, his followers can purchase items in 11 different currencies starting from his native Indonesian Rupiah to USD.

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6. Zach King

Zach King YouTuber merch
Source: Zachking

Zach got famous with his Vines, but really took off on Instagram and YouTube—you’ve probably seen at least one of his magic videos. He calls his videos “digital sleight of hand”. He’s been awarded for his creative video ideas and editing skills.

About the merch: Zach has created a very simple but eye-catching logo he’s put on t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers. And what’s a magician’s merch without a deck of cards? He’s also thought about that. Besides the merch, Zach sells comic books.

7. Smosh

Smosh YouTuber merch
Source: Smosh

Smosh is a team of funny people who enjoy creating comedy sketches. It was started by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla as flash animations that has turned into one of the most successful YouTube channels in the world. Over the years, Smosh has begun to diversify and start other YouTube channels. They started making short YouTube skits in 2006, such as their annual video series Food Battle and That Damn Neighbor. Today, their comedy content is all over the internet.

About the merch: Smosh’s merch is just as fun as their videos. So many t-shirt options to choose from! The store models are the creators, which makes this clothing line even more personal. The clothing options are simple—t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and some accessories. Smosh even has their own coffee brand, My Favorite Coffee.

8. MrBeast

MrBeast YouTuber merch
Source: Shopmrbeast

MrBeast is mostly run by MrBeast (Jimmy) himself, his friend Chris, and several other affiliates, who make outrageous experiments, challenges, or donations that usually involve incredible amounts of money. But for the past year or two the channel has been known for the “Last to leave” series where MrBeast offers a tempting amount of money for doing something for as long as possible until everybody else gives up—it could be sitting in a pool of cereal and milk or going on a roller coaster. 

About the merch: This merchandise will catch your attention with its bright colors. The MrBeast logo has been created in many different styles and interpretations making almost every product unique. The product variety makes it harder to pick your favorite products.

9. Ninja

Ninja YouTuber merch
Source: Teamninja

Ninja is known for being a professional eSports gamer. He decided to show off his gaming skills on YouTube, so he created a channel where he currently streams and plays Fortnite: Battle Royale, Fall Guys, VALORANT, and Among Us. The gamer community adores him and is helping  him rank as the top gamer not only on YouTube, but also Twitch

About the merch: Ninja’s line of merch looks very comfy and his promo videos definitely make you want to order something. His colors of choice are black and white, and, as you can see from the Instagram feed on the Ninja store, they look great on his fans.

10. Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye YouTube merch
Source: Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye is another popular gamer and game commentator who’s known for his energy, loud commentary, and voice acting skills. Jack is the most subscribed creator in Ireland and uploads to his YouTube channel once a day: it’s usually a Let’s Play video or a vlog.

About the merch: Most of the merch consists of Jacksepticeye’s eye logo in different variations. Recently, he’s also been creating face masks with Halloween designs. His merch was even included in the world’s top 20 most selling YouTube merchandise in 2019. 

How to make merchandise for your YouTube channel

Print-on-demand is a great way for you as a YouTuber to create your own merch without spending hours looking for suppliers or expensive inventory and fulfilling all the orders yourself. You can easily focus on your videos while we take care of your orders.
Here are a few simple steps to create the best YouTuber merch with Printful:

  1. Create your online store using one of the platforms Printful integrates with and connect it to Printful.
  2. Choose the products you’d like to sell from Printful’s Printful Catalog.
  3. Use the Design Maker to add your logo or any other design on the products you’ve chosen. Play around with the built-in design tools and create something unique for your fans in minutes.
  4. Add products to your online store and set your prices.
  5. You’re all set! Share your store and grow your business, while we take care of fulfilling your orders. 
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Want to know more about creating your own merchandise using print-on-demand dropshipping? Visit our YouTuber merch page to find more info and calculate your profit using Printful’s products!


By Sintija Zankovska on Oct 22, 2020

Sintija Zankovska

Sintija is an SEO content specialist at Printful. Along with her team, she helps to create the best possible landing pages and SEO-friendly content.

Sintija is an SEO content specialist at Printful. Along with her team, she helps to create the best possible landing pages and SEO-friendly content.