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dad shirt for Father's Day
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12 Dazzling Dad Shirts for Every Father

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Dads can do it all—love us, embarrass us, and empower us all at the same time.

Father’s Day is that one day a year when we should praise and appreciate our dads, grandpas, uncles, husbands, and other important people more than any other day. If you’re not sure what to get them yet, here’s something to help you along the way.

You’ve probably heard of dad hats, but what about “dad shirts”? To get your mind moving about what to get those special people in your life, we’ve come up with a few cool shirt design ideas for you to get inspired from. We’ve narrowed our list down to 12 “types of dad,” but as you know, the real list is endless. And it gets better—our design team has created Father’s Day-themed quick designs in our Design Maker and downloadable dad shirt graphics to get you started!

Father's Day across the world

For the first-time dad

Being a dad to a newborn is no joke. New dad life is full of perfect moments as well as terrifying ones. Even so, most fathers admit nothing compares to holding their baby in their arms for the first time.

Let the first-time dad in your life feel like a superstar because that’s who they are! Create a t-shirt that will remind them of this special time in their life every time they wear it.

For the hip dad

The hip dad is the cool dad. They have their own unique style or an enviable sense of humor. They’re probably someone your high school friends wanted to hang around with. These dads definitely deserve not only BFF bracelets, but also some cool dad shirts.

Create something bold that goes together with this dad’s personality. Include his favorite hobbies whatever they might be—video games, skateboarding, or motorbikes.

For music-loving dad

If your father loves a good tune, they’ll love a personalized shirt with a nod to their favorite music.

You can create a design of their favorite musical genre or instrument, or spice up a classic dad shirt with illustrations of musical notes and symbols. You could also include lyrics from a song they’ve written.

For the quirky dad

A quirky dad is someone who stands out from the crowd. Whether it’s they’re style, humor, or taste in cars, this guy always makes everyone wonder: “Woah! Is that really your dad?”

You can’t put your finger on the quirky dad. Really think about what they love: if they’re an artist, add your own piece of art to a t-shirt; if they’re a gearhead, make use of those car references; if they’re into tattoos, translate some of their favorite motifs into shirt designs.

For the traveler dad

Whether it’s camping in a nearby forest or an 18-hour flight to some exotic destination, this dad is always ready for adventures. If they could, they probably would change location every month. Coming up with ideas for travel-themed dad shirts is easy: look up their most cherished destinations or upcoming travel plans, and include them into the shirt design.

Think maps, itineraries, vacation pics, and holiday inside jokes. And while you’re at it, why not create a matching custom dad hat!

For the sweetheart dad

Is the dad you’re thinking of an absolute sweetheart? Do they choke up remembering their kids’ tiny hands and feet? Do they love to reminisce about all the fun times you’ve had together?

Melt their heart by turning baby prints and childhood drawings into adorable designs. Nostalgic pics from past get-togethers will also get the job done.

For the party dad

Feel like your dad would love to go to every party with you? Not that he needs it, but this life-of-the-party dad will definitely enjoy a fun shirt that will draw even more attention and keep them dancing until dawn.

Get them a shirt that will make a conversation piece at your next family gathering. The “party animal” design is a classic: find out what your dad’s favorite animal is and use your photoshop skills to create a fun new creature. Think about their go-to party tricks and inside jokes. Anything fun will work as your dad will be working for the party anyway!

For the super proud dad

He went to all of your sports games and recitals and stuck all your accomplishments all over the fridge. He might even be storing your report cards in a special box for your own kids to see someday. This kind of dad wants everybody to know you’re their kid.

You could just put your face on the dad shirt, and they’d love it. But you can always create something more that shows your gratitude for his support throughout the years.

For the handyman dad

If you have this kind of dad, you probably didn’t know what a plumber was for a long time. Nothing is impossible for this one, and if they don’t know how to do something, they’ll learn. So, get your handyman dad the tool they’ve been thinking about getting, along with a cool dad shirt that reminds them of how much you appreciate their care.

Create a shirt design that includes a classic handyman one-liner, or create a themed collage or illustration as a thank you for all the hard work they’ve done.

For the single dad

We definitely don’t give enough credit to the single dads in the world. Single dads don’t often have time for themselves, so it’s important to remind him how great and strong they are.

Create a dad shirt design worthy of a superhero. Add a powerful message or some words expressing gratitude to make them feel special not only on Father’s Day but every time they wear the shirt.

For the sports lover

The sporty dad loves working out and staying in shape, knows an absurd amount of trivia about every sport, and keeps track of all the games happening during the week.

Here, it’s easy to create a custom dad shirt, since you already know what their biggest passion is. Create a motivational tee they might wear working out or a cool polo for wearing to the next game.

For the dad that has everything

This is the type of dad who never wants anything as a gift, just for his family to be together when you’re celebrating Father’s Day. You could say that this person has everything—they’ll love whatever you get them.

Create a dad shirt with a fun design of your own choice. Try some fun clipart designs and mix them up with your favorite dad-isms. Something clean and simple will likely be their new favorite dad shirt for family trips.

Gifts from the heart

No matter what you get the dads in your life this year, just make sure it comes from the heart and serves as a thank you for all their help and support.

Father’s Day in the US is the third Sunday of June, so order the gift early in the month so that it arrives well in time. For more info about gifts, you can order, check out our Father’s Day gift page.

Our design team created some fun designs for you to help you get started for Father’s Day. Feel free to download them or head to our Design Maker and create your own dad shirt design!

This article was originally published in June 2016; it has since been updated.

Sintija is an SEO content specialist at Printful. Along with her team, she helps to create the best possible landing pages and SEO-friendly content.


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