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Blog / Style & trends / 20+ Trending Etsy Shop Ideas for New Sellers in 2024

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Blog / Style & trends / 20+ Trending Etsy Shop Ideas for New Sellers in 2024

Style & trends

20+ Trending Etsy Shop Ideas for New Sellers in 2024

20+ Trending Etsy Shop Ideas for New Sellers in 2024
Agnese Zimele

By Agnese Zimele

13 min read

For many years, Etsy has been dominating the artisanal and custom-made product space online. It’s the Nr. 1 marketplace where people look for personalized gifts and original handmade items, while artists and manufacturers view it as the perfect opportunity to reach their niche audiences.

The question isn’t whether you should join the numerous successful Etsy sellers and launch your own Etsy shop, but rather—what products you should offer.

Unless you already have an established ecommerce brand, deciding what to sell on Etsy can be rather overwhelming. From craft supplies to vintage items, custom t-shirts, and artwork, the platform is filled with an ever-growing number of product categories.

To help you navigate through this array of possibilities and find your sweet spot, let’s look at the 24 most popular Etsy shop ideas.

1. Clothing

Clothing is one of the largest categories on Etsy, with millions of listings offering a variety of styles and designs for Etsy buyers with different tastes and preferences. It’s a great place to start since people will always look for unique clothes to stand out or original gifts to surprise a loved one.

While manufacturing hoodies or pants may seem out of reach, you can partner with a print-on-demand company like Printful that will take care of the production, storage, and delivery of the products you design. You have to decide which customers you want to target: men, women, kids, or all three at once.

Men’s clothing

Even though 83% of Etsy shoppers are women, there’s great potential for starting a clothing brand on Etsy for men. Not only because wives, girlfriends, or best friends may look for personalized gift ideas but also because men love to express their individuality as well.

You could look for keywords that generate numerous search results and start with similar products. For example, t-shirts are one of the most popular sub-categories, so you could offer custom t-shirt designs related to common men’s hobbies, like cars, space, sports, gaming, etc.

a screenshot of a t-shirt

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Women’s clothing

Selling women’s clothes is always a good business idea. Women are often drawn to fashionable and one-of-a-kind clothing reflecting their style and stance.

Whether it’s diverse sizing options, eco-friendly materials, or trendy patterns, there are several ways you can leverage this opportunity and attract the most active Etsy shoppers. Just remember—it has to be something unique. Nobody browses Etsy shops for basic everyday clothing.

Kids clothing

The creative and custom-made character of Etsy shops brings many parents to Etsy to look for distinctive and individually crafted apparel for their kids. After all, it’s the place where they can find outfits that meet their kids’ tastes at different ages.

Customizing and selling kids, youth, and even baby clothes is one of the best Etsy shop ideas, as it allows you to cater to moms and dads wishing to fulfill their kids’ dreams, be it a beloved cartoon character on a dress or a favorite video game on a t-shirt. And once you gain loyalty, you can be sure to have regular customers for years to come.

Pro tip: Learn more about setting up your Etsy shop in our guide How to Sell on Etsy.

a collage of baby clothes

2. Hats

Where there are clothes, there are also hats. The Etsy shop is the perfect place to showcase different types of hats and caps with bold, interesting patterns or custom texts.

From elegant fedoras and vintage caps with embroidered names to hand-knitted beanies and colorful bucket hats, there’s a separate industry you can tap into. Do research, start with the most promising niche, and expand to others as you gain traction.

a group of hats with different colorsSource: T92made 

3. Hair accessories

Just as vast and diverse as the headwear market is the one for hair accessories. Scrunchies, headbands, bandanas, hair clips, and hairpins are some products you can experiment with in this top-selling Etsy category.

It might seem like a small market targeted at a specific group of Etsy buyers and bringing irregular sales. But you can combine it with other great Etsy shop ideas, such as greeting cards, tableware, home decor, and clothing, and, for example, create a wedding boutique or themed Etsy store.

4. Socks

Similarly to hats, socks can serve as an attention-grabber and a standalone outfit element that shows personality and makes a statement.

This turns them into an excellent Etsy shop idea and a profitable business opportunity. Once again, use current Etsy listings for inspiration and opt for quirky, personalized, and trending sock designs to stand out in the search results.

a collage of socks with images

5. Mugs

If the options above didn’t sound like Etsy shop ideas you’d like to try, maybe this one will. From mere liquid carriers, custom mugs have become some of the most popular gifts and beautiful design elements. Plus, they’re the most searched-for household items on the platform.

You can sell mugs dedicated to special occasions, depicting famous artwork (check copyright and trademark rules), or customized with text—there’s a lot you can do with this fairly small but meaningful object. The more diverse your offering is, the greater the chances that you’ll enjoy high demand all year long.

6. Wall art

Since the launch of the Etsy marketplace, artwork listings have been an integral part of it. Wall art, in particular, has become a popular search term among Etsy shoppers looking for high-quality and affordable posters, canvas prints, or art reproductions to decorate their homes or offices.

Like with many other design items, wall art is, of course, subject to the personal tastes and preferences of Etsy customers. However, you can attract more eyes by offering personalized or custom-designed prints in your Etsy shop.

Pro tip: Read our guide on How to Sell Art on Etsy to learn more tips and tricks.

a screenshot of a picture of a man and a woman

7. Stickers

If there’s one thing that every Etsy store should include in their product catalog, it’s stickers. They have low manufacturing costs, are easy to make, and allow the realization of many different designs, making them an almost perfect Etsy shop idea.

It’s not just kids who like to place stickers on their notebooks, mugs, and whatnot. Adults use them as well, turning stickers into one of the best sales generators on Etsy. You can offer stickers with hobby-based, fun designs or recreate popular memes and let users have their custom texts printed.

8. Greeting cards

Selling greeting cards is another popular Etsy shop idea and a low-barrier endeavor for new Etsy sellers. As we’re used to sending messages online, a physical handwritten card is an opportunity to add a more personal touch and deeper meaning. And despite the dominance of the digital world, it hasn’t lost demand among other personalized gifts.

Greeting cards can cover a variety of occasions, from holidays to important milestones or simple words of encouragement. A combination of relevant text and illustrations is all it takes to craft a beautiful card, and you can use the Printful Design Maker and its built-in patterns, quotes, icons, etc., to create a whole pack of designs in minutes.

a screenshot of a video

9. Coasters

Let’s say you’ve decided to offer personalized mugs in your Etsy store. It’s wise to consider other supplementary Etsy shop ideas that could help you expand your customer base. And what can be better paired with mugs than coasters?

You can create mug-matching designs or go for minimalistic patterns, appealing to people who prefer stylish and aesthetic home decor. Coasters can also be designed for specific occasions or turned into miniature board games, giving them extra added value and the element of fun.

Pro tip: Read our guide on How to Get More Sales on Etsy to understand how you can use several Etsy shop ideas and make sales on bundles.

10. Phone cases

Phone cases are certainly among the leaders on the list of the best Etsy shop ideas. The number of smartphone users is ever-growing and so is the need for phone accessories. Plus, people like to visit Etsy stores to find personalized designs that make their phones stand out.

You can choose from three main types of phone cases—tough cases, clear cases, or snap cases. Think about what kind of designs you’d like to sell and which type of phone cases will be the best fit.

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11. Laptop cases

If you’re looking to create your Etsy store focusing on tech products, laptop cases should be in your product portfolio. Since launching the first MacBooks, their owners have been looking for ways to protect their buddies from scratches and preserve their elegant beauty.

That’s where laptop cases and sleeves come into play. You can print your images and patterns or monochromic designs on them, but allow personalization, like adding initials or favorite quotes. Laptop owners love their accessories to be just as recognizable and appealing as their laptops.

a screenshot of a computer case

12. Notebooks

With the rise of mindfulness practices, journaling has grown in popularity over the last few years. And with that—the need for printed notebooks to avoid distractions that come with the use of digital tools.

With this customer group in mind, you can create your Etsy shop and offer custom-made notebooks with minimalistic and wellness-infused designs. Or consider college students, office workers, avid planners, and other people who prefer the written word.

a collage of a book

13. Tote bags

The list of the best Etsy shop ideas wouldn’t be complete without tote bags. Some time ago they were only seen as casual shopping bags, but now they are an expression of individual style and eco-consciousness. And the demand for personalized tote bags will likely increase in the future, as well.

People go to Etsy to find tote bags that are both functional and reflect their personalities. These bags are likewise a popular merch choice, making them relevant to company employees, event organizers, or members of particular social groups and clubs.

14. Fanny packs

Among more fashion-oriented Etsy shop ideas are fanny packs. What was once mostly worn by skiers, hikers, and active lifestyle followers as such, has made a comeback and become a trending outfit element over the last few years.

Go with elegant, minimalistic designs, or perhaps initials on the side, to appeal to fashionistas, or more vivid and colorful patterns with artistic, ethnic, or nature-inspired components to attract the attention of wilder souls.

a screenshot of a phone

15. Tableware

If you’re looking for more Etsy shop ideas that fall into the home & living category, tableware is a definite favorite. Passionate home cooks and people who love hosting dinner parties or simply enjoy a more aesthetic look of their dining room are always searching for high-quality, themed textiles.

Napkins, tablecloths, table runners, or placemats are just some of your options. Personalized embroidered napkins are great for gifts, while floral or holiday-inspired tablecloths will elevate the dining experience in different seasons and on various occasions.

16. Aprons

While among more niche Etsy shop ideas, aprons still present significant potential for a new Etsy business. The category is a lot less competitive than, say, custom t-shirts, making it easier to get in front of the target customer. Plus, there are a lot of budding food bloggers and proud restaurant chefs who need a stylish, durable, and personalized apron.

One way to go about this Etsy shop idea is to bundle it with other kitchen essentials to attract more attention. You may also think of creative and fun texts and designs to put on aprons to stand out from the crowd.

a person wearing aprons

17. Pillowcases

One of the best Etsy shop ideas is to lean into the growing demand for home products (there’s even a “Home Favorites” tab on Etsy) and offer custom pillowcases. Along with bed sheets and duvet covers, people increasingly prefer to add an original touch to their bedrooms.

Custom pillowcases with embroidered names or initials may also serve as thoughtful gifts on birthdays or weddings. You can likewise consider creating designs for different settings, be it a living room sofa, a child’s bed, or a master bedroom to cover the whole family’s needs.

a collage of a girl holding a pillow

18. Blankets

When developing your home decor Etsy business, consider adding custom blankets to your product portfolio. Whether it’s a tiny baby or a couple, everyone loves a cozy blanket, and a unique design can raise its value even more.

From sofa throws to soft fleece blankets and knitted coverings—you can find variety even in this relatively narrow market niche. Aside from your original designs, you can allow customers to choose their images and text patterns to print on blankets.

19. Towels

A vast majority of successful Etsy shop owners combine several of the mentioned shop ideas into one themed Etsy store. So, if you want to make your business a go-to destination for home & living items, towels are a must-have addition.

Personalized, custom-designed bath and beach towels present a blend of functionality and uniqueness, making them perfect as a gift and bringing the element of luxury to everyday essentials. Also, consider that in contrast with other household items, it’s common for Etsy customers to order towels with their image prints, not just patterns or texts.

a screenshot of a video

20. Body wash and lotion

While not a classic Etsy business idea, bath and beauty is a growing product category on the platform. More and more Etsy users look for handmade soaps, bath bombs, and body scrubs to recreate a spa treatment at home.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by numerous skincare products, you can start with body wash and lotion that can be easily manufactured via Printful. Invest your time to develop an attention-grabbing bottle design and a brand story that speaks to the customer. You could also create gift sets with several beauty and home items to boost the sales of individual products.

Pro tip: Learn more about how Etsy dropshipping works and how you can connect your Etsy shop with Printful.

a bottle of liquid on a wood surface

21. Water bottles

10 years ago, not many people considered that reusable water bottles would become an everyday essential and the style craze that it is today. What used to be mainly carried by athletes and available in basic, dull designs is now made in different shapes and sizes and often displays interesting prints that speak to the personality.

This makes water bottles a promising Etsy shop idea. You can make them with fun, hobby-inspired illustrations, and drinking schedules or in vibrant, solid colors with the possibility of adding the owner’s name on the side.

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22. Yoga mats

Yoga mats also fall on the health and wellness side of Etsy shop ideas. With the increasing accessibility of at-home workouts and the popularity of yoga studios, more people want their own exercise mats. And what more could inspire them to train regularly than beautifully designed and personalized workout gear?

When thinking of designs, use the nature theme in all its variations, be it a dreamy sky, ocean waves, or tree leaves, to induce peace and energy. You could also print motivational quotes, popular mantras, or the customer’s name to make the mats even more distinguishable.

a screenshot of a video

23. Pet products

If you’re a pet lover, it makes sense to put aside all the other Etsy business ideas and create an Etsy shop for pet products. The platform has become a hub for loving dog and cat owners who want to pamper their furry friends with non-generic items.

From water bowls to cute bandanas, personalized collar tags, and beds, there are many options to appeal to pet lovers. You can also offer matching outfits or t-shirts with adorable pet-inspired texts to touch their hearts even more.

24. Puzzles

Last but not least, on our list of Etsy shop ideas are puzzles. They seem to resurge in popularity across different generations. While kids enjoy a good mental challenge and seeing the fruits of labor, adults view puzzles as a great way to capture significant moments, surprise their loved ones, and calm their minds after a busy day.

Artistic illustrations and personal photos tend to attract the most attention; however, feel free to venture into other more exciting and original territories, for example, by creating puzzles that also serve as greeting cards or contain a key to a different puzzle.

a screenshot of a puzzle

Conclusion: Which ideas will bring more sales on Etsy?

If you want to scale your ecommerce business or start selling custom products online, Etsy is your go-to marketplace. But remember—there are no easy Etsy shop ideas. Whichever you choose will require time, energy, research, and consistent trend analysis to make your business profitable.

Use the above list to draw inspiration and turn your Etsy store into a unique and customer-favored boutique. Partner with Printful to lift the burden of production, inventory, and delivery from your shoulders.

Most importantly, follow your passion and have fun while exploring the vast opportunities of Etsy.

Here are some tips on how to get more sales on Etsy:

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By Agnese Zimele on Mar 27, 2024

Agnese Zimele

Guest author

Agnese is a seasoned content specialist with a passion for running and traveling. She discovered her love for writing in high school and has helped multiple brands and individuals craft their stories ever since.

Agnese is a seasoned content specialist with a passion for running and traveling. She discovered her love for writing in high school and has helped multiple brands and individuals craft their stories ever since.