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Blog / Style & trends / 2023 Print-on-Demand Design Trends: Apparel to Home & Living

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Blog / Style & trends / 2023 Print-on-Demand Design Trends: Apparel to Home & Living

Style & trends

Design Trends for Print-on-Demand in 2023

Design Trends for Print-on-Demand in 2023
Jana Magonova

By Jana Magonova

7 min read

Print-on-demand is evolving faster than ever, and this year’s design trends are a testament to that. Gone are the days of traditional print styles; 2023 is all about pushing boundaries with unique visual experiences.

Think 3D designs intertwining with stylish typography, the bold allure of geometric shapes, and the timeless charm and style of natural patterns and textures. If you’ve ever dreamt of starting a clothing line, the time is here and now.

If you’re already in the business or on the verge of launching, you’ll want to ride this wave of print-on-demand design trends. Why? Because these designs don’t just catch the eye, they tell a story, evoke emotion, and connect with your audience like never before.

So, whether you’re an old hand at the game or just starting out, one thing is clear: the world of custom apparel is thriving, evolving, and waiting for your unique touch. 

Ready to embark on this fashionable journey? Let’s dive in!

Whether you’re looking to create designs that echo popular culture or seeking inspo from fashion runways, there’s plenty to explore. The key is to keep things fresh, stay updated with upcoming trends, and let your art do the talking. 

With all the custom t-shirts or hoodies you create, you’re not just selling apparel. You’re offering a piece of the zeitgeist, a blend of style, art, and ideas that resonate with the market, your brand, logo, and your customers.

Pattern play

The print-on-demand market has never seen such a burst of color and patterns in designs. From soft to bold, light to dark, the trending graphics of 2023 are a blend of pop culture observations and eye-catching fashion trends that you can execute with pretty much any design you like. 

Below you can explore four trending pattern ideas for print-on-demand products and see how this art can help you freshen up and bring more colors to your brand.

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The ’70s are back in full swing! Take inspiration from the late 1970s and experiment with abstract pattern ideas. The groovy designs are best known for bright and vibrant colors, ombres, swirls and twirls, psychedelic illustrations, and nature motifs. 

Peace symbols, flowers (especially daisies), suns, and bubbly letters are common icons. By using these art ideas, your designs will take t-shirt printing to the next level. And who knows, it may even become one of your bestselling t-shirt design trends.

Groovy designs will look marvelous on all-over-print items like dresses, t-shirts, and totes. But you can try out these print ideas on shoes, mugs, and blankets too!

Ombre and gradients

Vibrant ombre styles aren’t limited to groovy ’70s designs. The style now involves a spectrum of different hues, with gradient designs becoming a staple in popular culture and everyday wear. Think of a sunset ombre t-shirt, where the colors transition from soft to vibrant, reminiscent of the captivating summer nights. 

Ombre and gradient designs will also look epic on accessories like backpacks and beanies. But for the ultimate feel, design different all-over-print items and see what looks best on your store.

gradient print sweatshirt

Source: Etsy

Moody florals

While florals remain a fresh summertime favorite, 2023 brings a welcome twist. Envision florals but with a gothic edge: darker, moodier designs set against backgrounds of black or gray, creating a contrast that evokes the style of icons like Wednesday Addams.

In fact, designs like this should sell pretty well on your store since dark colors never go out of style. Don’t be afraid to test and create collections inspired by popular characters and high-fashion brands.

Grungy plaid

Punk’s still alive! The resurgence of grunge style means flannel and plaid are back and bolder than ever. Custom hoodies in grungy plaids are creating a sales boom, showcasing an example of how old styles can evolve with a contemporary touch. 

This trend can freshen up your store’s offering if your designs are typically something completely different. Try plaids or other grungy designs on all-over-print t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and even shoes. Nostalgia will hit hard with this one!


Step away from minimalism! Dopamine dressing, marked by its colorful and mismatched prints, is in vogue. Design style from the Y2K and grunge aesthetic have paved the way for trends like cluttercore and oversized silhouettes. For example, designing an oversized hoodie and accessories like hats and totes will help your brand bring this trend to life.

It’s all about embracing the fun in fashion—mix colors, words, your logo, and everything in between to make your design as eye-catching as possible. All-over-print is the perfect method to execute your design ideas for this trend. 

Coordinated prints

Monochrome print magic is dominating here. Think bold colors, matching sets, and layering. Double denim looks and outfits in primary colors are making monochromatic print designs a profitable niche in the print-on-demand world. The popularity of these styles underlines the significance of coordinating prints to bring this trend to life.

Remember to create matching sets—try designing different pieces that work well together. For example, an oversized shirt and hoodie, shorts or a skirt, and accessories like hats and totes. Try monochromatic looks, primary colors, and similar shapes and graphics on each piece to see how well these designs sell on your store.

matching print set

Source: Printful 

Quiet luxury

This trend marks a transition to more elevated basics. It’s focused on timeless designs and “dressing like the rich,” but the modern take on this style is more geared toward hoodies than polo shirts. It’s about items that look high-end yet remain wearable. 

And you can sell quiet luxury pieces even with print-on-demand. Try creating a vibrant athleisure style with pants, leggings, shirts, sweatshirts, and more. And you don’t have to go all out with your art on this one—it’s OK to just embroider or print your logo. Focus on colors and style.

The future of home & living has never looked more colorful and promising. These trends are not just about aesthetics; they’re a reflection of customer demand and the ever-evolving fashion market. 

For creators and sellers, it’s the perfect time to experiment, innovate, and tap into these trends to drive sales and offer fresh, trendy designs to customers. 

Plant prints

The green revolution isn’t just for the outdoors. Plant illustrations are making their presence felt in the home & living domain. And it’s not just the usual leaves and florals. “Artichoke art,” for instance, is taking center stage with a whopping 50% YoY growth in searches. 

From blooming artichokes gracing pillows to unique designs on cards and wall art, this trend is fresh, vibrant, and a testament to the innovative spirit of print-on-demand. It’s proof that taking cues from nature and putting a spin on them can be a profitable niche in the market.

Vintage patterns

Everything old becomes new again, and vintage patterns are proof. “Toile art” has seen a staggering 80% YoY growth in searches, signaling its rising popularity. 

You’ll find these charming, old-world designs adorning mugs, candles, and other cozy items around the home. The allure of these colors, graphics, and art lies in their ability to evoke nostalgia while fitting seamlessly into contemporary home decor.

Moon motifs

Lunar themes are taking over print-on-demand. With a stellar 63% YoY growth in searches for “moon phase wall decor,” it’s becoming easier to sell outer-space-inspired home & living items.

Whether it’s wall art depicting different moon phases or star-themed blankets wrapping you in celestial comfort, the fascination with the cosmos is evident. This trend showcases the idea that inspiration is everywhere, even in the vast expanse of the night sky.


Would you like to dive deep into the ocean’s wonders without leaving home? With mermaidcore art, you can. This trend, characterized by coastal themes combined with iridescent and scalloped elements, is making waves.

And it’s not just limited to wall art or custom swimsuits. With a 42% YoY growth in “terrazzo tray” searches, it’s evident that this trend is all about blending the charm of the sea with everyday items like mugs and mug coasters, towels, and notebooks. And the designs look fun too!

Create your own design style

In 2023, design trends for print-on-demand stand out with a multitude of innovative and artistic ideas. 

This year’s design trends challenge traditional norms, pushing designers to create and experiment with eye-catching styles, fresh ideas, and nostalgic throwbacks. Whether it’s the vibrant mix of colors and graphics in apparel or the cozy-yet-trendy vibes in home & living, the market is teeming with opportunities for those keen on staying ahead of the competition with trending products.

For those looking to venture into this exciting market or are already deep in the game, staying updated with the latest design trends is crucial. But, it’s equally important to remember that every trend starts with an idea. So, whether you’re drawing inspo from pop culture or personal experiences, let your art be original. Be you!

So, to every designer, artist, and entrepreneur: dive into the trends, have fun with designs, and let your creations do the talking. After all, in the world of print-on-demand, your designs are as limitless as your imagination.

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By Jana Magonova on Sep 11, 2023

Jana Magonova

Jana is a Content Writer at Printful with a background in creative writing and content marketing. She draws inspiration from all things creative and has a deep love for all things written, be it a book, a script, a quote, or a joke.

Jana is a Content Writer at Printful with a background in creative writing and content marketing. She draws inspiration from all things creative and has a deep love for all things written, be it a book, a script, a quote, or a joke.