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Connecting Your Shopify Store to Printful in 4 Simple Steps

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Starting an ecommerce store has never been easier. Not only are people buying things online more than ever before, but there are also countless tools to help you grow your online business.  

If you’re looking to sell printed merchandise, one of the best ways to get started is by using print-on-demand dropshipping. That’s what Printful does – we take care of all of the production, packaging, and shipping (with no order minimums). And you’re free to focus on making your business the best it can be!

To use Printful, you’ll need to connect your store to an ecommerce platform. Printful integrates with a bunch of platforms, and Shopify is one of the best, most intuitive options. In fact, thousands of merchants use Shopify every day to power their businesses.

By connecting your Shopify store to Printful, here’s just some of what you’ll get:

  • No upfront costs – you won’t have to worry about investing in costly inventory
  • Automatic order fulfillment – you never have to process an order manually again!
  • Customized branding – we make it look like you sent it out

Now that you know what is Shopify and how you can use it together with Printful, let’s go through the process of connecting the two.

How to set up your Shopify store

How to connect your Shopify store to Printful

Step 1. Create your Printful account (it’s free!)

This is super easy and only takes a few minutes. Just click Sign Up from Printful’s homepage and you’ll be taken here:

All you need is your name, email, and a password and you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2. Install the Printful app on Shopify

Log in to your Shopify account and go to the Apps menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then click Visit the Shopify App Store.

shopify app store dashboard
Source: Shopify

When you’re here, search for Printful. You’ll find our app listed first under Orders and shipping.

shopify printful app search
Source: Shopify

Click on the Printful app.

shopify add printful app
Source: Shopify

Next click Add app and confirm the installation.

shopify install printful app
Source: Shopify

Click Install app and you’re ready for the next part!

Step 3. Connect your store

After you install the app, you’ll be asked to log into both your Shopify and Printful accounts. Just follow the steps and connect the two together.

connect printful and shopify stores

Step 4. Add your products

Go to Printful and under Stores in your Dashboard, go to your store that you just connected. Click Add product; this will take you to Printful’s push generator where you can choose what products to sell.

printful dashboard store

A variant is a certain type of product that can be sold. For example, if you have a t-shirt that’s available in different sizes, each size will be a different variant.

You’re free to use the clipart and default text generator Printful offers, but if you want to get more creative, you can use your own designs for creating merchandise. While the most popular tool for this is Photoshop, there are plenty of free graphic design alternatives, too.

Once you have an image you want to place on a product, you can just import it by clicking upload file and it’ll appear on the mockup where you can adjust it further, if necessary.

printful mockup generator image upload

Finally, you’ll want to add a product description. Printful products come with a standard product description, but you’re free to change it however you wish.

Use this opportunity to showcase your brand voice and let customers know what kind of experience they’ll have if they purchase your product

Printful also lets you set your own retail price, so you can change your margins depending on what works best for your ecommerce store.

Once you’ve finished adding your products, they’ll be visible in your Shopify store. You can click View in Shopify to see the product.

printful shirt in shopify
Source: Shopify

If you go back to (or just refresh) your store page within Printful dashboard, the product will appear synced.

printful synced shirt

For every order that’s made in your store, that is also configured in Printful, an automatic order will be made. You don’t have to worry about it!

Sit back and enjoy

So give it a try, and set up your Shopify store! You’re free to play around and experiment with products as much as you want. One thing you’ll need to do before you can actually start selling is adding a billing method. After you’ve done that, you’re ready to make your first sale!

Do you have any more questions we didn’t answer? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll be sure to address them!

This article was originally published in April 2014; it has since been updated.

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  1. BS

    When you update the variants on Shopify, how do you get the updates through to Printful? The latter seems not to recognize the product has been updated.

  2. Takeshi

    Is there a way to have multiple options of a product (sizes/colors) without setting up separate variants? That amounts to a lot of variants for a typical t-shirt and doesn’t look that great in the Shopify store.

      1. Travis

        Julia…..what was the answer?? I’d like my buyers to be able to select multiple colours also….not sure how to set that up. thanks.

  3. Jacklyn Cuevas

    So, I’m a little lost here. I want to sell t-shirts with a message. Do I have to open a shopify account and buy the t shirts my self with the deign and everything and then link them to printful or can I just choose the products I have and then just people can start ordering? Or do I just tell printful what kind of print I want and I don’t have to order t shirts in advance? I don’t get it

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Jacklyn,
      Let me clarify. All you do is upload your design and connect your Shopify to Printful. Every time an order comes in you charge your customer for the order. Then Printful charges you for the price of producing that order. This can all happen automatically, or you can also set it to be manually accepted.

  4. Krystal

    I have a ton of variants for each t-shirt (size and color). Is there a way sync them properly or do a group sync without having to go in a “choose product” for every single variant?

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Krystal, yes, now there’s an option to create all of your products, choose all sizes and colors, and publish them directly into you Shopify store. You go to your Stores section and click “add”. Then there will be no syncing involved.

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Christina,

      Can you specify? If you’re using Shopify, then Shopify allows you to push your products, for example, to Facebook. You can also have your Printful account connected in parallel to any other of our supported platforms, including Shipstation, which connects to Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Sqaurespace, and more.

  5. Susana Martins

    When a costumer wants to return a product because he doesnt like the quality or the design how it works?

  6. Gordon

    When you say: “For every order that’s made in your store, that is also configured in Printful, an automatic order will be made.”

    How fast does this happen? When will my Shopify order go to Printful?

    1. Julia Gifford Post author

      Hi Gordon, for Shopify this happens immediately. However some stores have a setting that requires you to “capture” the payment on Shopify, and the order won’t go to Printful until the payment is captured. This setting, however, can be set to automatically capture the payment.

  7. David Carlton

    Hi There,
    I am setting up a shopify store. I do not have any products at this time. Is there a way to put Printful’s products catalog into my shopify store?

    1. Elina Bumbiere

      Hey David!
      We have a built-in product push generator on our Shopify app that allows you to select all the products you want to use and upload your design files. The generator will create, sync and generate mockups for the your products which means no manual set-up for you!
      You can get started by downloading the Printful app on Shopify. Keep in mind that all of our products are not available on the generator yet! We’re adding news ones regularly.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Chad,

      It’s possible that the set-up process has changed since this blog was published. We’ll take a look and make any necessary changes.

  8. Michael

    I’m searching through Shopify’s Expert page for developers and designers. I’m surprised how many of them are unfamiliar with Printful, specifically for the purpose of selling t-shirts. How can I narrow my search, and find developers who have experience with prihtful and tshirts?

  9. Eber Figueroa

    If I have a store on shopify and I am already selling my own products but I would like to add let’s say a mug from printful can I sell it in my store along side my own products…

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Yes, you can! The one thing you need to be aware of though is that you can’t use the “override shipping settings” feature. That’s because we can’t return the correct shipping rates if your customer’s cart contains both Printful and non-Printful items.

  10. Ryan

    On the spotify app I’m not getting the option to add my shirt label even though the shirt says it has the tearaway labels.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Do you mean Shopify? 🙂

      On Printful’s end, you would add the product to your store, and then go back and edit to add the inside label logo. So in your Printful Dashboard, to to Stores -> Sync -> Edit, and upload the inside label file.

  11. Mark

    The cost I set for my art work ex $40 you sell for $10. The balance goes into my acct after taxes. If my product set at 40 an hour price of print is 10 does the customer pay 50?

    1. Liva Spandega

      Hey Mark,

      The way it works is that you set your profit on top of our price – these two taken together will form the retail price of your product. So, let’s say, we sell a product for $10. If you set the retail price at $40 in your store, you’ll end up with a $30 profit. If you want your profit to be $40, the retail price that you sell at would have to be $50.

  12. Andrew

    Is it possible to connect two separate Shopify stores/accounts to a single Printful account? Hypothetically, let’s say I have website selling hats, and another website selling shirts. Could these point to the same Printful account? Or do they each need to have their own Printful account associated?

  13. ahmad

    I want to ask is there possible in printful to two different design on same item..??
    Like If I have a Tshirt , I want two colors black and white , but my logo is in black, which look good on white but not in black , So , there is possibility to add white logo on black Tshirt , So, it’s look good.But in single product..???

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Yes, it’s possible to have two different designs on different variants of one product! You’d have to look up on your ecommerce platform on how to set it up.

  14. Tony Jenkins

    Do I have to add images for my customers to choose or do they supply the artwork? Because it appears that I have to do it which seems to be very time consuming. Especially since I am not an artist to say the least.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hi Tony,

      Most store owners typically create their own designs and sync them with a Printful product. If you want to set up a store where your customers can create custom designs, it’ll require some programming.

      You can take a look at Printful’s Design Services if you need help creating a design!

  15. Matt

    I have my store synced with Shopify. How can I print custom labels printed in my shirts for all my synced products. I don’t see an option to add custom labels when adding t-shirts to my store.

    1. Nora Inveiss

      Hey Matt! First, not all t-shirts come with inside label options. Here are the ones that do.

      You’ll have to edit the product after you’ve added it to include your inside label print file. Go to your Printful Dashboard -> Stores -> Sync-> Sync –> Edit the product you want –> click Change. Then you’ll see an option to upload your inside label (screenshot).

  16. Josh Rachlis

    Do you offer courses either online or at your Toronto office that could walk me through step-by-step the process of setting up a store, finding clothing to sell, and being able to give affiliate codes to models? I draw cartoons and I would love to put my doodles on items like T-shirts, hats, and bathing suits. I’m very good at making funny videos for my social media. I know girls who would model the bathing suits. I just don’t know how to do the technical stuff with the website and clothing.

  17. Jane

    I am just wondering how the cart works if some of my products are not created by printful…. if a customer wants a t-shirt (printful) and also a book I sell (not printful), can the customer still have a seamless experience by using only one checkout cart? How does this work?

    1. Giedrė Kronberga

      Since Printful services are white-label, customers won’t know where the product is coming from. So the checkout page or process won’t change or be affected in any way.

  18. Kahyte Van Sant


    I’m trying to sync my Printful account with my new Shopify store and I cannot find the app section anywhere. I’ve looked in my account information and in the store/dashboard area. Please help.

  19. Judith Bernard

    I’m confused and I’ve been trying for a week now to figure this out. Yes, I’ve watched dozens of videos and have read so many different articles that my eyes hurt.
    What I’m trying to do:
    I’m using shopify and Printful. I have The Debut theme. In the shopify collections, I’ve set up all of my collections, including the ones that will get nested under the main collection: Example, Clothing will have Unisex, Women’s and Men’s collections nested under Clothing.
    I’ve gone to Navigation and added the nested collections being sure to link the collection to the proper collection.
    I went to Printful app and “added new product”. My products are added automatically to the main collection. I’ve set tags for the product.
    Printful sync’s the product to shopify. When I go to view my store, the product is listed only on the home page. I can’t get the product to show up under the correct nested collection. Please help.

  20. Tonya

    Can I link two shopify stores to a single printful account and choose which items get listed in each shop? Trying not to have to create two different printful accounts if possible

    1. Gundega Sāmīte

      Hey Tonya!
      Absolutely. If you go to your dashboard, on the left side there will be a section for “Stores”. After you’ve created and integrated one store, just scroll down and integrate a second one.
      Hope this helps!

  21. Johnny

    Is it a good idea to mention in the “About Us” page, that the store is integrated with a high quality priting facility? or there is no need for that?!!

  22. Jake Peister

    I already have a shopify store and brand, we sell other products that are not clothes but are interested in creating a few clothes with our brand on them. Is printful capable of doing this? we would like to keep our current site the way it is but add products from printful into our custom store?

      1. Jake Peister

        How do I do this? is there a training video or something that could explain to me how to add your products to my store?

  23. AJ

    So any orders placed via the Shopify & Printful connection will still be automatically printed and shipped seamlessly?

  24. Vanessa

    Will the customer have to pay 2 separate shipping charges if buying another type of product? For example a T-shirt from my Printful offerings and a soap from my Shopify store?

    1. Giedre Kronberga

      That depends on the shipping pricing strategy you use, Vanessa.

      As a rule of thumb, yes, customers will have to pay for the shipping of both products. But, let’s say, if you offered free shipping on your Printful products, customers would pay for the shipping of the soap only.

  25. Alessa

    Hi there. I wanted to know about the inventory between the two apps. Shopify won’t let me use certain sales channels without an inventory number for products. Currently, when you sync items it creates a “N/A”. Should I change this to an actual number or leave it so?

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey Alessa,
      We don’t require any inventory numbers from our side and won’t be able to comment about other Shopify sales channels. You can try reaching out to their support to learn more. 🙂

  26. kareem

    hi, I think I have a problem
    in shipping settings there is only a setup rate for united states and there aren’t any other rates for any country and I want to sell worldwide so what I have to do?

  27. gary f herrington


    We are having a devil of a time actually shipping orders via printful through shopify. we keep getting this error: Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order.

    There are no shipping methods available for your cart or address.

    I can’t seem to find any way to fix this issue. Any chance you can give a fella a hand?
    Thanks Gary

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi there Gary,
      It likely has something to do with the settings you’ve enabled/disabled on Shopify.
      Please reach out to with the screenshots of Shopify shipping settings. Our team will look at your account, check the storefront, and investigate further.

  28. John Liew


    Can I use Shopify Lite version to integrate Printful?

    As I want to build up awareness first through Facebook page, before setting up the e-commerce store. Once tested successful, will upgrade the Shopify plan

  29. Mokhtar El Far

    Regarding the store address in Shopify, it is stating my actual address
    with this be showing to the people who are buying or it will show printful as it is linked to it,another thing if any returns, they will be retured to printful not me i just want to make sure on this point

    1. Madara Zute

      Hi there,

      If you’re referring to the “shipped from” address that will be displayed on the package, it will be Printful’s by default.
      This will also be the address any returns are sent to. The return address depends on the facility where the order was fulfilled.
      When it comes to returns, we recommend checking our Return policy prior to accepting returns in your store. You can use our policy template to inform customers about the return process.

  30. GrowingSquirrel

    It is simple and easy to use. The synchronization between Printfull and my shop is just’s easy to find your way around and adding a product is the easiest thing to do. Large items to choose from. Easy to apply creative designs. If I had an issue they have been quick to sort it out and point me in the right direction! Thank you for everything, I recommend to use this site to make money, I love the options.

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey Camille! You must open the product on Shopify’s side and scroll down where you can see all the variants. Over there it is possible to change the name of the color to whatever you wish to call it.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey! Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the article. Printful isn’t available in all countries, you can read more on the availability and shipping here.

  31. Jan

    Hello I have a question about billing.
    Shopify required payment information and I also entered my payment information on Printful.
    I have another store with woo commerce that didn’t require billing all of my billing and payments came from Printful. I’m new to all of this and I just added Shopify with my other store
    So I guess my question is does shopify collect the payment for you or does Printful bill and pay me?

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey! Printful will only charge for the fulfillment. In your case, Shopify will be the one who will charge the full amount from your customer and you receive the payment from there.

  32. Carson

    I am close to launching my Shopify store. within the store there is an option to select package sizes. Do I need to set the package sizes or will Printful automatically select the proper size based off the size of the order? Additionally, if I don’t need to select the package size, what should I put as the default? Thanks in advance!!

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey, we fulfill a lot of different kinds of products, so, due to this variety, we package each item based on dimension requirements to ensure protection during shipment.

  33. sabrina dessalines

    Hi, i recently changed website plateforms. I used to use printful for my big cartel site but i have now switched to spotify. My spotify store is up and running and i have transferred the domain so its the same domain as the old big cartel site. I want to transfer my platform so that printful can make some of my products but the page continues to say “shop is unavailable” when i try to add it to my shopify page. Any suggestions? Do i need to completely delete my big cartel page? I do not want to redo all of the products i have already added to my printful shop.

    1. Daniela Bergmane

      Hey Sabrina, in this case, we’d suggest for you to reach out to our Customer Support colleagues. With more details in hand, we’ll be able to look into this and advise what may be the issue here. Hopefully, it all works out.

  34. Faith

    Right now I have all my products on Printify. I want to switch to Printful, so i was wondering is it possible to just pull all my products from printify, or do I have to update them in Printful 1 by 1?

    1. Edward Zarins

      Hey! There isn’t an automatic way to import your Printify products. You’d have to sync your products in Printful. 🙂

  35. Aqua

    I’m thinking of setting up a Shopify store, connected to Printful, but I’d have a few questions, before I do that.
    1. Do I need to register as a business first?
    2. What type of taxes will I need to pay? Is there any possibility of an automatic tax setup?
    3. Regarding Printful’s Mockup Generator… to my knowledge there are designs, fonts, etc. what can be used freely to make your own t-shirts… my question is – is it possible to download these fonts to add text to my designs, without risking any legal issues? Or what type of fonts are OK to be used in my desings without getting in trouble?
    4. I read about setting a niche for a t-shirt business… how important is this? My designs are kind of “all over the place”, what could target people of different age groups, interests, etc. Could I get any advice in regards of this?
    I appreciate any help!
    Thank you!

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey! First of all, I wish you all the best with your store—beginnings are often hard, but start slow and adapt on the way. Questions no.1 and no2.are hard to answer—it varies from country to country and my best advice would be to consult a tax specialist and follow your local legislation. There are also useful articles available on our Resources page.
      As for the Mockup Generator—you can’t download fonts from there, but they are all free to use for your designs that are fulfilled by Printful. Business niche is something very individual for everyone. There are pros and cons for both ways and it can definitely become a limitation to your store if your niche is too narrow, but, in my opinion, this is something that you can find out only while practicing. Maybe other readers can share their experience here?

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