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Top 10 Trending Products to Sell During the 2020 Holiday Season

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Have you ever opened a product catalog, gotten overwhelmed by the abundance of products, and quickly closed the catalog to avoid making a decision about what to buy?

That’s called analysis paralysis, and it can affect not only your customers, but also you as an ecommerce store owner who has to choose what to sell. It gets even more difficult once the holiday season rolls around and you want to catch your customers’ attention with exciting items.

In this article, we’ll help you avoid analysis paralysis this Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) by sharing Printful’s list of bestselling on-demand drop shipping products for the 2020 holiday season. Spoiler alert: because of Covid-19, the overarching theme is making your customers’ lives comfier with long-lasting staples.

With this list at your fingertips, you’ll be able to decide which products to offer to your niche audience this BFCM, and pick up some simple design tips to turn a product into a bestseller.

As a bonus, you can also download some holiday-themed designs for your direct-to-garment (DTG), all-over print (AOP), and embroidery products that will turn your products into bestsellers.

Which trending products to sell in 2020?

1. Sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers

2020 and the holiday season is all about comfy clothing, and you can’t go comfier than sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers.

These items used to be exclusively relegated to the sportswear section, but now they’re a staple in loungewear and streetwear collections as well. So if your customers are looking for casual clothing, you should consider designing a line of sweatsuits.

2020 for loungewear is a year of pastel colors and tie-dye graphics. You can do a direct-to-garment print or embroidery on a pastel-colored hoodie, or let your creative spirit run wild with a tie-dyed all-over print product line, customizing every inch of each product.

Source: Printful

Download and use our bright and colorful tie-dye graphics for your designs.

What’s more, sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers make the perfect matching sets. You can sell each product separately, as well as use upselling and cross-selling techniques to sell them together to customers who can’t get enough of your designs.

Our top picks

Custom All-Over Print Unisex Hoodie Custom Unisex Joggers Custom Premium Hoodie Custom Fleece Pullover

2. T-shirts

T-shirts might not seem like a classic holiday product, but even during winter they’re the bread and butter of ecommerce apparel stores. It’s an evergreen item that has found its way into wardrobes of almost every season  thanks to its versatile use and wide-ranging color options.

The steady volume of t-shirt searches throughout the year shows that people are constantly looking for clothing staples. And with sustainable fashion being the new normal, buyers moving towards unique premium quality basics that are produced in an eco-friendly way and will last longer than fast fashion items.

Source: Google Trends

What’s best about t-shirts is, they can be styled to fit any niche and any weather. They’re the foundation of style trends like athleisure and streetwear, which are primarily based on cozy clothing and layering. But you can also sell tees as part of a casual work apparel ensemble.

Streetwear items work well with typography and out-there graphics that pop. Shirts meant for a casual business environment should feature clean, subdued designs, like a minimalist embroidery quote or a sleeve print that can be easily hidden under a jacket if needed.

Our top picks

Custom Unisex Premium T-Shirt Custom Unisex Eco T-Shirt Custom Women's Relaxed T-Shirt Custom Men's Champion T-Shirt

3. Wall art

A picture says a thousand words. And if that picture is 24″ × 36″, and mounted on a wall in a sleek frame, surely, it must be worth at least half a million words. Its endless design possibilities make wall art one of the best-selling home decor products.

People are always on the hunt for personalized holiday gifts. It can be a caricature your customers can order based on a photo of themselves, a detailed map of their favorite city, or anything else you can think of. Use your imagination to find something that combines your skills and your customers’ needs.

Wall art also has one of the biggest profit margins in ecommerce. When marketing your artwork as a premium product, try out some strategies that go with a higher price tag.

Our top picks

Custom Matte Poster Custom Framed Poster Custom Photo Poster Custom Canvas

4. Mugs

Mugs are one of the most universal products to sell—everyone has their favorite cup at home, perhaps another at work. And who doesn’t love to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly evening?

Just take a look at how their popularity rises at the end-of-the-year holiday shopping season when people are looking for gifts.

Source: Google Trends

The popularity of mugs means that your designs must be unique to catch the eye of the people browsing online stores.

To get your products noticed, always keep in mind—the more precisely you define your niche and cater to their wants and needs, the bigger your sales are going to be.

For example, considering my theater obsession, when in need of a mug I’m more likely to buy a cup with a design specifically made for stage enthusiasts than an “I <3 coffee” mug. And true coffee aficionados also wouldn’t appreciate such a generic tribute to their favorite beverage.

You can also look into different types of mugs and how they work together with the rest of your product catalog. Say, your store is geared towards people who love spending time outdoors. Perhaps your customers would appreciate a collection of enamel mugs for bringing along on adventures.

Out top picks

Custom White Mug Custom Enamel Mug Custom Colorful Mug Custom Magic Mug

5. Champion products

From Rihanna donning Champion in paparazzi shots, to Ariana Grande rocking it in her Instagram posts—the 100-year old Champion brand is taking over the world once again.

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Customers are looking for unique Champion products to add to their wardrobes, items that can’t be found in traditional retail stores where each design is bought by thousands of people. You have the chance to offer them a customized selection that features your designs and the inimitable Champion logo on the product.

Source: Printful

Champion is primarily a streetwear brand, but its universal appeal means you can make it work for almost any niche. To understand how Champion products can fit in your product catalog, read up on the history of the brand and how Champion can help you grow your store.

Our top picks

Custom Packable Jacket Custom Long Sleeve Custom Champion Backpack Custom Bomber Jacket

6. Hats

A beanie for when it’s cold; a dad cap for when you want to hide from the sun; a visor for your next tennis game… There’s a hat for every occasion—be it summer or winter, people are looking for trending headwear to buy.

Source: Google Trends

Hats are great to showcase embroidered designs. In the age of fast fashion, embroidery represents a slower, personal attitude towards clothing. So capitalize on the embroidery trend by designing a collection of hats with your own graphics.

Our top picks

Custom Dad Hat Custom Trucker Hat Custom Beanie Custom Snapback

7. Stickers

Imagine that a customer decides to buy a t-shirt with your design. During checkout, you offer them a sticker with the same graphic. Since they’re making a purchase anyway, they add stickers to their cart as well!

Stickers are inexpensive and easy to design, and you can create matching sticker sets for any product in your catalog. That’s why they’re the perfect upselling product. And if your customers become interested in your stickers, you can even develop an extended sticker collection.

Source: Printful

To spark your customers’ imagination, show off your stickers in all the ways they can be used—on laptops, phones, notebooks, or paired with products you have in your store.

8. Leggings

Leggings belong to sportswear and athleisure categories, so you can sell to both hardcore sports enthusiasts and hardcore Netflix marathoners. Just don’t target both audiences at the same time—specify in your product descriptions what your leggings are meant for. This way you won’t confuse your customers and will set the right expectations.

All-over print products like leggings work best with patterns. You can a) use fail-proof designs made by our Graphic Design Team, b) go crazy with your own patterns, or c) create monochrome leggings.

The color of the year for 2020 is classic blue, and Pantone has great suggestions for color palettes you can use in your designs.

Our top picks

Custom Yoga Leggings Custom Men's Leggings Custom Kids Leggings Custom Leggings

9. Bags

Another versatile product category to feature on your store? Bags! There are a lot of styles you can offer your customers, and depending on the design, a bag can fit into almost any niche you’re selling to. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to style and market it.

Backpacks are more expensive than your average t-shirt, so your designs should reflect the high-end feel of the product—think beautiful patterns in trendy colors.

When it comes to selling fanny packs, strategy is key. Generally considered a summer product, these accessories should be in your product catalog all year round—people use them for traveling, camping, skiing, and any other activities where it’s important to be hands-free.

To offer your customers a casual and affordable bag option, try tote bags. They’re easy to design—an emoji, pun, or a minimalistic copyright-free quote all work well on tote bags. You can even make a whole line of “Quote Bags” that come with book suggestions in the product description.

Our top picks

Custom All-Over Backpack Custom Tote Bag Custom Fanny Pack Custom Embroidered Bag

10. Phone cases

A phone case can become the icing on the cake that is your store’s product catalog. People are eager to protect their tech from bumps and scratches, and a case with a beautiful design allows them to do that in style.

Source: Printful

Accessories such as phone cases allow you to make matching sets with other products on your store. It’s a great way to recycle a design your customers have enjoyed.

Get ready to sell trending products online

The key element of choosing products to sell on your store during the holiday season is to keep your customers in mind at all times. If you have yet to define your target audience, consider this a sign to do it.

I hope this list will help your store have a successful Black Friday Cyber Monday, despite all the challenges 2020 has thrown our way! Start creating your designs now and do some merchandising magic.

Don’t forget to download our winter-themes graphics for print and embroidery products at the bottom of this article!

Which products are your bestsellers? Let us know in the comments!

This article was originally published in September 2019; it has since been updated.

Trending products FAQ

What products are in high demand during the holiday season?

Some of the top trending products to sell during the 2020 holiday season are t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, mugs, stickers, and hats.

What should I drop ship in 2020?

The products on your store should reflect your brand and cater to your niche. Some of the products that can be styled for any niche are t-shirts, bags, and accessories, such as stickers and phone cases.

What is the most sold item in the world?

Since smartphones are one of the highest selling items in the world, phone cases are also a very popular product to sell online.

What are the best products to sell on Amazon?

Any product can become an Amazon bestseller with the right design and marketing. One of the best products to sell is t-shirts because they’re a wardrobe staple.

What are the best items to resell?

The best items to resell are on-demand drop shipping products that you can customize for your business. This way you can turn a simple t-shirt into a bestselling product that flies off your ecommerce store shelf.

What niches are most profitable?

2020 trends show that there are two apparel niches that are very popular at the moment—streetwear and loungewear.

What can I sell to make money?

To succeed in ecommerce, you need to define your niche and then pick the products that fit that niche. For example, if you want to target young customers who love casualwear, your best bet is customizing Champion products.

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  2. Michal

    Great article! I was just wondering if t-shirts are still trending as high as before. In my opinion, t-shirts, and cups are most likely the most popular items coming to print on demand.

    1. Alise Zindiga

      Hey Gary! The reason why you see so many products as unavailable, is that we’ve disabled product push function for AOP products worldwide and DTG+embroidery in the US and Canada. It means that you won’t we able to add new products from these categories to your store, however, it doesn’t affect previously synced products. We are doing this to fight our backlogs in the bestselling categories, and will enable it as soon as our fulfillment times improve.

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          Hey, Tracey, actually, this is on our roadmap—at the moment, we have the all-over-print face masks in beta testing for our customers in the EU and we plan on adding them to our product catalog soon. 🙂

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      Hey! We’re constantly looking for ways to expand our product catalog and as a matter of fact, it’s planned to test out some stationery products in the nearest future, so stay tuned! 🙂

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