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Top 10 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2021

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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by an abundance of choices, know that you’re not alone.

Studies show that the more choices a person has, the less likely they are to make a definitive decision and take action.

For an ecommerce store owner, choosing between endless product possibilities and thinking about what to sell can not only make you feel overwhelmed and anxious, but can also take up a lot of your time and energy. For that reason, we’ve done the choosing for you and compiled a list of top trending products to sell online in 2021. Instead of spending countless hours browsing and researching, all you’ll have to do is focus on the important part—selling!

As a bonus, we’ve also added a free downloadable style trend guidebook at the end of this article, so you have all the tools you need to create your next bestseller!

Which trending products to sell in 2021?

1. Sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers

2020 has been the embodiment of comfortable and casual clothing. With the rise of loungewear and athleisure, we’ll definitely see sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers trending in 2021.

Last year from April to August, 49% of consumers spent more on casual wear than the year before. In addition, the steady growth for these items in Google searches shows us that athleisure is not going anywhere, except into everyone’s closets.

When thinking about what products to sell online in 2021, consider designing a line of sweatsuits or creating your own matching athleisure sets. You can sell each product separately, as well as use upselling and cross-selling techniques to sell them together to customers who can’t get enough of your designs.

Our top picks

Unisex sueded fleece hoodieCustom all-over print hoodieCustom women's cropped hoodieCustom men's joggers
Sueded Fleece HoodieAll-Over Print HoodieWomen’s Cropped HoodieMen’s Joggers

2. T-shirts

T-shirts stay trendy throughout seasons, years, and decades. Thanks to their versatile use and wide-ranging color options, this item continues to be a top seller in both online and offline stores.

Google Trends showing shirt popularity by searches
Source: Google Trends

T-shirts are also the foundation of streetwear—a style trend we’ll be seeing a lot in 2021, as the estimated value of this market is currently more than $185 billion. This means that streetwear fashion takes up 10% of the entire global apparel and footwear market.

So, if you’re looking for high-demand products to sell online, consider catching the streetwear wave by printing tees with logos, eye-catching graphics, or copyright-free quotes.

Unisex Premium T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3001 with a design sample
Source: Printful

To sell t-shirts as part of a casual work apparel ensemble, create clean, subdued designs, like a minimalist embroidery quote or a sleeve print that, if needed, can be easily hidden under a jacket.

Our top picks

Custom unisex t-shirtCustom tie dye shirtCustom organic cotton shirtCustom crew neck t-shirt
Unisex T-ShirtTie Dye T-ShirtOrganic T-ShirtCrew Neck T-Shirt

3. Leggings

Leggings belong to sportswear and athleisure categories, so you can sell them to both hardcore sports enthusiasts and hardcore Netflix marathoners. Just don’t target both audiences at the same time—specify in your product descriptions what your leggings are meant for. This way you won’t confuse your customers and will set the right expectations.

All-over print products like leggings work best with patterns. You can a) use fail-proof designs made by our Graphic Design Team, b) go crazy with your own patterns, or c) create monochrome leggings.

The color of the year for 2021 is Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a bright shade of yellow), and Pantone has great suggestions for color palettes you can use in your designs.

Our top picks

Custom leggingsCustom yoga leggingsCustom capri leggingsCustom men's leggings
LeggingsYoga LeggingsCapri LeggingsMen’s Leggings

4. Wall art

Interior design has always been a popular interest among many. With the rise of work-from-home culture in 2020, more and more buyers are searching for classic design elements such as wall art to add zest and liveliness to their surroundings.

The great thing about wall art is that it’s trending all year round, which means you can customize it to fit any season or occasion.

Google Trends showing wall art popularity by searches
Source: Google Trends

Before starting to sell online, it’s important to identify who’s your target customer. This will help you tailor your wall art designs to their preferences, as well as market your business much more effectively. If, however, you’re struggling to find your niche, there are many trends to hop on. Starting from line art and bold abstracts to statement quotes and aesthetic photography—the variety of design options make this a great product to sell in 2021.

Source: Printful

Wall art also has one of the biggest profit margins in ecommerce. When marketing your artwork as a premium product, try out some strategies that go with a higher price tag.

Our top picks

Custom matte paper posterCustom matte paper framed posterCustom canvasCustom luster photo paper framed poster
Matte Paper PosterMatte Paper Framed PosterCanvasPhoto Paper Framed Poster

5. Pillows

Pillows are another classic interior design element to sell in 2021. Just look at the steady volume of searches for pillows throughout the years.

Google Trends showing pillow popularity by searches
Source: Google Trends

Similar to wall-art, pillows add coziness and comfort to people’s homes and can act as focal points. Because of their ability to easily increase the aesthetic quality of a room, decorative pillows are one of the most popular items to sell online.

Pillow designs
Source: Printful

To appeal to new markets or catch the eye of existing customers, focus on personalization and branding. Design prints with symbols, a variety of patterns, or keep it simple with minimalistic designs. You can also gain inspiration by researching current pillow trends.

Our top picks

Custom premium pillowCustom premium pillow caseCustom basic pillowCustom basic pillow case
Premium PillowPremium Pillow CaseBasic PillowBasic Pillow Case

6. Mugs

Mugs are among the most universal products to sell. In a survey done by the Heinz company, nearly 60% of people said they had an emotional attachment to their favourite mug.

And, boy, can I relate to this. My cupboard is filled with about 10 different mugs, however no one beats my mug—it’s the perfect size, the perfect color, and it has the perfect quote that represents me and my interests.

Variety of designs on White Ceramic Mug with Color Inside
Source: Printful

The popularity of mugs means that your designs must be unique to grab the attention of the people browsing online stores. Keep in mind—the more precisely you define your niche and cater to their wants and needs, the bigger your sales are going to be.

For example, considering my cinema obsession, when in need of a mug I’m more likely to buy a cup with a design specifically made for film enthusiasts than an “I <3 coffee” mug. And true coffee aficionados also wouldn’t appreciate such a generic tribute to their favorite beverage.

You can also look into different types of mugs and how they work together with the rest of your product catalog. Say, your store is geared towards people who love spending time outdoors. Perhaps your customers would appreciate a collection of enamel mugs for bringing along on adventures.

Our top picks

7. Face masks

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, face masks have become a high-demand product across the globe. Reaching a record-high $4.5 billion in sales in 2020, the face mask market is expected to surpass $21.2 billion by 2026.

In addition to being purchased as a health and safety item, face masks have turned into an unexpected clothing accessory. A lot of companies and brands are using this opportunity to create their own designs. Similar to matching a tie, hat, or shoes to an outfit, face masks are now serving the same purpose by being styled for many different looks.

Mindy Kaling with a stylish face mask
Source: Instagram

When selling your custom-made face masks, be mindful of not trivializing the pandemic in your marketing strategy. This item is first and foremost a protective gear and only then a fashion accessory.

Custom premium face maskCustom Champion face masksCustom washable face maskCustom neck gaiter
Premium Face MaskChampion Face MaskWashable Face MaskNeck Gaiter

8. Hats

You can never go wrong by adding hats to your store. Thanks to their versatility and many seasonal options, they’re a highly popular product to sell.

Aside from being used for practical reasons, headwear is an amazing fashion element that can be styled to fit any niche or occasion. From winter beanies to summer dad hats and visors—choose whichever suits your collection best.

Source: Printful

To make your hat collection even more compelling to prospective buyers, think of the niche you’re targeting. For example, you can create embroidered, minimalistic designs to add more of a personal feel or go all out with colorful all-over prints.

Our top picks

Custom classic dad hatCustom bucket hatCustom cuffed beanieCustom all-over print beanie
Classic Dad HatDenim Bucket HatCuffed BeanieAll-Over Print Beanie

9. Bags

Since the beginning of time, bags have served one of the most useful purposes of all—carrying around necessities. For that reason alone, this product never ceases to be trendy and is sold throughout the year.

Google Trends showing bag popularity by searches
Source: Google Trends

While bags are a practical item, it’s the design aspect that draws people to purchase multiple variations and styles.

To offer your customers a casual and affordable bag option, try tote bags. They’re easy to design and work well with both simple designs, embroidered quotes, or colorful patterns.

Source: Printful

If choosing to sell backpacks, focus on the practicality and features, as well as the aspects that make the bag unique to your own brand.

If you want to sell fanny packs, strategy is key. Generally considered a summer product, these accessories should be in your product catalog all year round—people use them for traveling, camping, skiing, and any other activities where it’s important to be hands-free.

Our top picks

Custom embroidered backpackCustom all-over print fanny packCustom all-over print backpackCustom all-over print tote
Embroidered BackpackFanny PackAll-Over Print BackpackAll-Over Print Tote

10. Eco-friendly products

Over the last several years, eco-friendly products have rapidly risen in popularity. More and more companies are starting to think about the environmental impact they leave on this planet.

Consumers are also more conscious of their purchases and pay extra attention to the product production. In a study by businesswire, 83% of consumers believe it’s important for companies to design products that are meant to be reused or recycled, and 81% said they expect to buy more environmentally friendly products over the next five years.

So, when thinking about the best products to sell online in 2021, eco-friendly is definitely your answer. 

Sample design on Unisex Organic Cotton T-shirt
Source: Printful

When creating your eco-friendly collection, choose products that contain organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials—this can include clothing or even everyday accessories. Make sure to also be transparent about the production of these products and market them by emphasizing the environmental benefits.

Our top picks

Custom eco teeCustom biodegradable iPhone caseCustom recycled cuffed beanieCustom hoodie dress
Eco TeeBiodegradable iPhone CaseRecycled Cuffed BeanieHoodie Dress

With the amount of online shoppers rapidly increasing every year, 2021 is the best time to start and grow your online store.

We hope this list inspired you with ideas on what to sell in 2021. Remember, whichever product you choose, it’s all about adding your own personal touch to it and thinking of the most effective ways to market it.

Don’t forget to download the Printful Style Trend guide of 2021 at the bottom of this article!

Have you decided on your next bestseller? Let us know in the comments!

What is the best product to sell online in 2021?

T-shirts are one of the best items to sell, because they are a wardrobe staple and stay trendy throughout the year.

How to start selling products online?

Start by picking your target audience and deciding on the products you want to sell. To learn more about how to create your online store and set up payments, read our How to Start an Online Store with Printful blog article.

What products are in high-demand right now?

T-shirts, wall-art, face masks, and eco-friendly products are items that continue to be in high-demand.

Where to get products to sell online?

You’ll find multiple trendy product categories to choose from in Printful’s product collection.

What are the most profitable products to sell online?

Streetwear and sustainability are 2 of the biggest trends of 2021. Think organic cotton t-shirt or a classic hoodie.

Where to search for trending products?

Download our Printful Style Trend guide to check out the top product and outfit combos for 2021. You can also use Google Trends to gain insights into what people are searching for.

This article was originally published in September 2019; it has since been updated.

Ilva is a Content Marketing Specialist with a Bachelor’s degree in media production. At Printful, she specializes in product marketing and has a passion for content creation, visual arts, and social media.


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